Full body exercise for women: overhead ball slams workout

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Crossfit Style Weighted Overhead Ball Slams Workout

The other day at the gym I wanted to change up some of my training by adding some full body, non machine and non traditional weight workouts. In the back area of my gym they have tons of cross fit, TRX and other great equipment to use to switch things up a bit. Overhead ball slams is a great exercise for many reason:

1. it keeps your heart rate up and has a great cardio benefit

2. you engage the entire body to do this exercise

3. it incorporates a squat to target legs and glutes

4. it works the arms and back to lift the weighted ball above your head

5. it works your core to keep your abs tight throughout the movement

Above all it really got me sweating! I did 20 reps of these for 4 sets while super setting some push ups and I could really feel the burn in my back and shoulders as well as in my quads and glutes. I used a 10lb ball when doing these and found it to be a great way to add in something that had a strength training and cardio benefit all in one exercise. Try this out if your gym has some of the weighted balls.

Stand a bit farther than shoulder width. Start with the ball in between your feet and bend down with a squat form to lift the ball with both hands. Then quickly raise the ball above your head and slam it down (hence the name) and lift it and repeat 20 times. If you don’t have these in your gym you can find them on to buy online here (just make sure to not have someone who lives below you.

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