Garlic Grilled Shrimp and Healthy Vegetable Fried Rice Meal Prep

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Meal Prep in a flash: Healthy Options for Grilled Garlic Shrimp & Vegetable Fried Rice


If you love fried rice but were always afraid it would ruin your diet, fear not my friends. Trader Joe’s makes a really great pre-made frozen version for when you are in a pinch or need to whip up some vegetable fried rice in a hurry!

1 cup of this rice is 200 calories (compared to take out places is not bad at all)

I then grabbed some recently thawed out raw shrimp and cooked them until pink in a skillet with extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Put those two together and voila, a very quick meal with protein and not too high in calories!

I do a lot of my shopping lately at Trader Joe’s since the prices are good and the produce is always fresh. They offer some great organic products and healthy brands that I usually can’t find in my local Shop Rite or Stop & Shop.

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