Hair Kandy Hair Extension Review - Best Quality Clip in Human Hair Extensions

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Hair Kandy Hair Extension Review – Best Quality Clip in Human Hair Extensions

I have been wearing, making, buying and promoting the use of hair extensions for over 15 years. At the young age of 18 I started to make my own clip in hair extensions because back then, no one sold them online. That was back in 1999/2000 (I am 33 years old for those who don’t know). Anyhow, back then it was impossible to find clip in human hair extensions and I personally enjoyed going to the hair supply store, finding the hair that matched my color the best, and making my own set of clip ins. Fast forward to 2014 and every girl on the planet is wearing hair extensions. I am surprised how quickly they caught on and how many people use them now. I’m also very happy to see that women are buying clip ins which do not damage your hair. I have done every version of hair extensions and some really did destroy my hair (fusion bonds, micro rings, glued in wefts, sew in wefts, etc – all destroyed my hair!)

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It takes a lot for me to pay someone for a pair of hair extensions. For me, I never felt like I could trust what I saw online was what I would get when I ordered a pair. Usually the quality is sub par, the color would never match my hair, the wefts would shed and they would feel like straw after 1-2 washes. For the last two years I have been testing out some of the most popular hair extensions companies on the market. I have to say though, without any hesitation, that the best pair of human clip in hair extensions that I have tried to date are Hair Kandy Hair Extensions.


There are a few reasons why I have decided to promote this brand, but most importantly it’s because:

1. I paid for these myself. Hair Kandy did not pay me to try these, they did not send them to me for free. I bought them and am sharing my review with you because I want to make sure that what you get is actually GOOD QUALITY hair extensions.


2. The quality of this hair is by far the best I have tried, even compared to Bellami which I have reviewed before, but sadly my last order was so far below my expectations. Perhaps it’s because the company has gotten so big, but the quality has changed from my first order in 2012 until my last order two months ago. I think I got 3 wears out of my Bellami hair and the ends got so tangly, the hair kept shedding and now they feel so thin :( I am pretty disappointed and sad since for so long I promoted them but I have to say something must have changed with them in the last two years. I will say though the quality of the Lilly Hair by Bellami is great, the other bundles are not what they used to be.


3. I wouldn’t recommend something that is so visible on your head if I thought you would look rediculous. I take pride in my recommendations and have to say that the Hair Kandy hair blended with mine the absolute BEST of any other brand. The color matched perfectly and when I took them to my hair dresser she said “Wow these are so thick and soft!” She matched my hair to the extensions just a tad better and they are now so natural looking.


4. The hair is super thick! When I held up this pair of hair extensions to another company’s the difference was apparent. The Hair Kandy was so thick and healthy! No white or gray hairs mixed in, no tangled ends. You get 10 wefts total so you can layer them to make them blend with your natural hair very easily.


5. The packaging for Hair Kandy hair extensions is fantastic, you can use the box they come in to lay your hair in at night and close it up. Others I have ordered from don’t come in this type of packaging.


6. The hair does not have a coating on the outter layer so they don’t feel like plastic or greasy, something I noticed with other brands. You can clearly see below that the bottoms of Hair Kandy are just as healthy as the top, the bottom set is frayed and tangled on the bottom, similar to split ends on real hair.

The top set is Hair Kandy, the bottom another brand.

The top set is Hair Kandy, the bottom another popular brand.

7. You can curl them and use hot tools and they don’t smell like burning tires. No kidding, some extensions I have bought smell so bad when you use heat tools on them, it’s noticeable and I never noticed that smell with the Hair Kandy extensions.


8. The curls last in these extensions and don’t fall out. I put the curling iron to them for no more then 2 minutes per weft and the curls lasted all night long. Many other brands the curls slowly start to fall out and the hair gets straight and limp, making it hard to keep the hair looking blended.


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Below is the thickness of the sets you can order from. This is a great visual to help you determine how much hair you need based on how your natural hair is. I went with the 160 gram set for medium to thick hair and it was MORE than enough hair! It matched and blended perfectly for me! You get multiple longer wefts and I only needed 75% of them.



Hair Kandy hair is made of Remy human hair. Remy Human Hair is the highest grade of real, human hair that is a preferred choice for hair extensions, hairpieces and wigs because it achieves the most natural look. So what does Remy Human Hair mean?

Remy Hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, like in most other non-Remy hair extensions. Preserving the hairs' cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance. This process ensures that the hair remains super soft, shiny, silky and completely tangle-free throughout its lifetime.


If you have any questions about which color or amount to order they will be happy to help you. Make sure to use “ADRIENNESAVE” in the promo code box to save 10% off your entire order. Let me know if you have any questions or need some tips on how to care for your Hair Kandy hair extensions.


I have worn these quite a few times already and they are still so soft and do not tangle one bit. They are very thick and blend so well and hold a curl all night! If you have any questions just let me know and I’d be happy to answer them for you :)


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