Healthy and Hearty Homemade Chili - Game Day and Office Lunch

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As summer begins to come to a slow close and the brisk morning chill of fall start to appear it makes me so excited to break out my pots and bowls for home made bowls of chili and pots of soup! There is no better way to make fun and easy meal prep than with chili recipes and soup. This weekend, for the kick off of the football season, I knew I had to get back to my chili making routine. I find that chili fills me up like a full meal and if you make a large batch of it you can have it as a dip, as a dinner and as a lunch option too. You can even pore it on top of freshly baked tortilla chips and have nachos! Yum…

I usually always make chili with either extra lean ground turkey meat OR extra lean ground chicken breast. Both are always the 97-99% lean to avoid the extra fat from the meats. It’s important for me to use these two instead of beef (which I don’t really eat or enjoy much of anyway) but beef is always higher in fat than white meats. I prefer the taste of turkey or chicken also to red meat.

If I am making a large batch I will use two packages of ground turkey or chicken but if it is a small pot then I can get by with just one.

Ingredients Include:

1-2 packages of lean ground turkey or chicken

Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper & Garlic seasonings

Low Sodium Vegetable broth

Diced tomatoes

No salt added corn

Diced white onions

Sliced multi colored peppers

Sliced black olives

Large red no salt added kidney beans

Reduced fat mozzarella organic shredded cheese

I use a large pot and simmer the vegetables and seasonings and just cook the meat in a skillet with some olive oil cooking spray until all the meat is cooked through. I make sure none of the meat is pink, then I dump it into the pot with the rest of the ingredients. I put that pot on low and let sit for about 30 minutes. Once everything is all nice and toasty, I put it in a bowl and then put some cheese on top and let it melt. This makes for a hearty, high protein meal with very low fat and lots of fiber! It is a great game day snack for football Sunday or for when you need a quick lunch to heat up at the office. Enjoy!

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