Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Top Present Picks

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One of the things I try to do really well during the entire year is to make mental notes of everything that my friends and family say in relation to “Oh I really could use/I would really love to get ___.” That to me is the only way I can really buy anyone something I know they will love. It’s important to me to get things that are either really needed or something they really want, otherwise it is one big crap shoot getting something random. I also really love to see people’s faces when they open their present and realize “Wow she was listening!” After being with my husband for six years now it is harder and harder to get him gifts since we’ve gotten one another so many things over the years. I also have a hard time with relatives and parents too so I really have to pay attention during the entire year to make sure they enjoy their presents.


This year I of course am still ordering gifts every day as I think of things. For this reason I love using Amazon and other online sites. It makes it very easy and convenient to order, especially if you have Amazon prime like I do; everything that is marked as “prime” ships for free in 2 days or less. This is amazing since I’ve been order stuff constantly and will likely still be buying some last minute things the week leading into Christmas.

The good things is my husband and family don’t really read my blog so this won’t be a huge spoiler for them. I won’t share my husband’s gifts though on the odd chance he does. For our anniversary, which just passed this weekend I got him the Apple Watch 42mm which he has been hinting at wanting to buy himself. He’s been using it for a few days now and loves it. The best part too is you can buy interchangable Apple watch bands so that the watch can look different anytime you switch them. You can check your calendar, email and listening to music all from your wrist, which is pretty cool when you are at the gym. If you have someone who loves their iPhone and is into the latest tech gear, this watch is a great gift item.

My mother in law has been wanting a slow cooker for a long time, and when she came over to visit and saw me making chicken soup in mine she mentioned she really needs to get one. Right then I knew this would be my gift to her. Williams Sonoma was having a great sale a week ago online and I got her the All Clad Slow Cooker and then I paired it with the Williams Sonoma Slow Cooker recipe book. She loves to cook and I know that she will really get good use out of this, plus slow cookers are amazing if you are busy during the day – you can throw the ingredients in and let it sit for a few hours and have it ready to eat when you return home. I love the William Sonoma cook books, they make great stocking stuffers!

The last time we visited Grandma she had noticed my black UGG roll over booties and said she wanted a pair. She has a hard time with pulling on boots and I thought to myself that I should get her a pair but find a style that is easy to slip on and off. When I saw the UGG Wrin Chestnut boots I knew she would love these. They are perfect for her because they have good grip on the bottom to wear indoors and outdoors but easy enough to put on without much pulling or effort. She can wear these when it’s hot out and cold out and will feel good on her feet since they are super soft and cozy.

If there is a guy in your life, dad/brother/husband, who loves to collect watches then this is a great idea to get. This black watch case looks nice placed in your bedroom or on a shelf in the closet, but it is a thoughtful idea to help them organize their watches. I got this for someone on my list who loves to buy new watches often and he didn’t have a place to store them so I know he will be happy to get one of these. It’s called the Sodynee® Deluxe Black Faux leather watch case

If you know someone who is starting their fitness journey, or who loves the gym but maybe isn’t sure how to track calories burned or keep a log of their progress I love the Polar watches. This one, which is the Polar FT60 Purple Watch is amazing! It will help to monitor your heart rate during your workout and throughout the day and tell you how many calories you have burned. I love using a Polar watch when weight lifting because there is no other way to really know how many calories you expend other than wearing a heart rate monitor/watch.


One of my favorite gifts to give to friends and sometimes family is monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie. I received one years ago and I still use it to this very day and think it’s such a cute gift idea. You can get one in a variety of styles and fill it with treats of even a gift card to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts for your coffee and tea loving friends. These are under $10 and such a great addition to a gift or perfect for grab bags at work or school too.

Another gift I love to give is a Nutribullet – I just got my mother in law one for her birthday and she loves it. It’s perfect for the person who loves to have protein shakes but doesn’t want to always drag out a big blender and clean it every time. I use my Nutribullet every single day for my morning protein shake and it is one of the best things I have ever received. You can find them on sale sometimes or apply a coupon to them, but either way they are under $125 and make an amazing gift for someone who loves eating well and fitness.


Monica Vinader is a UK jewelry company whose bracelets have been seen on a ton of Hollywood A-listers this year like Kendal Jenner and Justin Bieber. The Monica Vinader Fiji Friendship bracelet is a great holiday gift and many of her items can include engraved messages on them. I love that the bracelets are adjustable to fit any wrist size and come in a variety of beautiful colors for men and women.

We all know that 2015 was the year of rose gold colored everything; from the new iPhone 6s to jewelry and makeup trends, it was the “it” color this year. Now you can get your Wireless Beats Solo in Rose Gold too! I am definitly adding this to my list for Santa since I love working out with my Beats by Dre solo earphones, but these are wireless and so pretty!

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