Holiday Pet Photo Session - Some tips for getting your dog to pose for photos

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Happy Holidays from our Little Family to Yours!

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While we don’t yet have children, we treat our dog like she is our child anyway. She is beloved by everyone in our family and brings so much love and joy to our lives. She is also a pretty good model and will allow me to do photos of her and entertains my enjoyment of it. Here are a few photos of my 3 year old Yorkie, Lola, posing for her yearly holiday pictures. Wishing all my readers a very healthy, happy and joyous holiday season!


Some tips for getting your dog to pose for photos:

Make them feel relaxed and comfortable. Put them down in the area you’d like and ask them to sit or lay down. Slowly back away but stay low and don’t get up and move back. Getting up will startle them but a slow crawl back keeps you at eye level with your pet.


If you need to get your dog to focus on the camera call their name a lot and wave your hand above the camera lens. Treats also seem to help to get their attention but be warned, it may make your dog get up and come to you instead.


If your dog gets bored they will do the below, that’s your sign to start getting what you need and let your dog go play. Keep encouraging him or her and say they are doing a good job. Dogs LOVE to be praised by their owners.


Get a variety of angels not just close up shots. You also want to take shots with your pet looking in various directions, sometimes the best shots is when they aren’t looking directly into the camera.


When your dog gets a great shot, praise them. I did a lot of “good girl Lola” during this 5 minute photo session. Keep it short and sweet so that your dog doesn’t get antsy or feel like they are being held captive for a shot.


Say something really strange so that you can get this amazing iconic held tilt type shot. My dog does this and I melt every time she does.


Above all, make sure you make this fun and not intimidating for your pet. You shouldn’t shoot for longer than 10 minutes and make sure to reward your pooch with a treat or two after for doing such a great job!


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