Holy Guacamole Recipe - How I Make This Tasty Snack Favorite

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I am so excited that football season is back! There is nothing I like more than Sundays with a kitchen humming, making lots of fun appetizers, dips and snacks while watching the games. Fall is also my favorite season of the year, so I am in my glory as we approach the cooler weather and weekends indoors. One of my favorite and staple snack items when we host for games is guacamole – as I am sure every one does as well. I like to make a tray of healthy “scooping” options like celery sticks, carrot sticks, organic blue chips and sometimes even sliced multi color peppers.

To make my guacamole dip I use organic avocados (3-4) and if they are rip I will just mash them up in a mixing bowl, but if they are not yet soft enough to do that I use my Nutribullet or Breville blender to mix up all my ingredients. A lot of people never use their blenders to make guacamole but I do when it is just way to hard to mash up a hard avocado. It really works great too!

_MG_3479I then add the juice of 1 lime, 2 handfuls of white diced onion, 1 chopped garlic, sea salt, pepper and some fat free feta cheese which I pick up at Trader Joe’s. Guacamole is not hard to make and it is really more about the seasonings than anything else. I love to add the feta cheese and when people try this for the first time they always say “wow I love the feta in there!”

What is your go-to guacamole recipe and are you as excited as I am for football season to be here?! Oh and as you can see I am also loving playing Fantasy Football this year with some co-workers of mine. This is my second year playing in a Fantasy Football league and I love it – it’s so competitive and fun and just even more of a reason to get excited for football games!

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