How to build a better, bigger butt by doing squats and deadlifts

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How to build a better, bigger butt by doing squats and deadlifts


All my life I have been thin, small, petite – every word you can imagine that basically describes someone who is skinny but can’t change the shape of their body. I did it all wrong, for so many years and it wasn’t until I started to lift weights in the last 18 months that I was able to start to see what “could be” for my body. I never had any kind of lower body curves, it was one thing I was unfortunately not blessed with. I was a 105 girl with an almost invisible behind and larger chest. It didn’t balance out. I couldn’t understand why all these girls I saw in fitness magazines had the whole package – lean, with curves and shape. How do you get curves when you are trying to lose fat/weight?

Then I learned the importance of heavy weights and squats. Leg day became my favorite lifting day of all. The constant challenge to push myself up in plate weight. The desire to see results and see a change in my body. I knew that it was in my power and control to grow that booty and ultimately balance out my proportions. Some females are born with great genetics and even with a small amount of sculpting or weight training they will have an amazing butt, but for me it was going to take work! I wanted to know if it was possible to build a great, larger more firm butt with weight training and the good news is you can!

No matter how much you eat, or how much cardio you do you will never build a bigger, firmer, rounder, lifted behind without the use of weight training. The exercises you need to achieve this are squats, lunges, dead lifts, hip thrusters. I find that working on the bigger, compound movements like squats and dead lifts has greatly changed my lower body shape. It all began with body weight, then gradually moving up every two weeks or so to a few more pounds. Suddenly I was squatting my body weight and then eventually I was squatting over my body weight. If you would have told me two years ago I could squat with 45lb plates I would have laughed!

It takes time, it takes patience and above all else it takes rest and recovery too. You can’t go into the gym and train legs and glutes every single day. The butt is not going to grow faster or better that way. You need to give yourself at least 2 days rest after leg day to train again. You will feel sore for the next two days anyway so you might as well listen to your body and rest up and work upper body instead.

Every time I do leg day I always focus on doing no more than 6 exercises. I personally don’t believe in spending more than an hour in the gym. If I can’t get it done in an hour then something is wrong. I put my headphones on and just focus in on what I am there to do. Since I am working to build muscle I do heavy sets with low reps; no more than 8 reps for any given set. If you are doing 15 reps per set, that is to build endurance, not necessarily muscle. Lower the reps and increase your weight. If at the 8th rep you aren’t fatigued, it’s still too light for you.

I do 4 sets of any exercise also. I make sure to super set between (meaning exercise group 1 is a super set alternating between say squats and lunges). This helps me to keep moving between sets but gives me about a minute to rest and recovery between sets.

On most leg days I do 3 of the following super sets:

Back squats & Trap bar deadlifts

Assisted Push downs & Sumo Squats on Smith Machine

Walking lunges or reverse lunges and hip thrusters

Step Ups with plates and side lunges

Bugarian split squats and calf raises

Jump squats and leg lifts/pulse presses

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