How to enjoy drinking water - fruit infused and delicious!

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Want to know an easy way to increase your consumption of water daily? Add fruit, citrus and mint! I love to infuse my water with these things and it also makes it look beautiful too!

I bought these adorable handled mason jars at Target and I believe you can find them for cheap at Walmart also. These are glass, not plastic, which I highly recommend. The glass can help to keep your drink cold longer and you can even pop it in the fridge to get a nice frosty, chill on it.

I love to infuse my water in order to help me drink more. It’s hard for some of us to get a gallon in a day so doing this multiple times a day is a fun way to keep you chugging!w2

I like to add the following items in a variety of recipes to my water:

? Strawberries

? Blackberries

? Blueberries

? Mint leaves

? Lemon Slices

? Lime Slices

? Oranges

? Watermelon

? Cucumbers

Many people say that combinations of these help to relieve bloating, fatigue and digestive issues. I say they juts taste darn good and look really cute so I do it and look forward to it everyday!

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