How to improve your front squat form - tips for the ladies

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It seems that many women are afraid to do front squats because they fear they don’t have the right form, or perhaps you have some weak areas of your body like your lower back. It’s important that to do a squat you need to have a strong core, lower back, hip flexors and use proper form. You don’t have to always load up an Olympic bar to do squats and sometimes the best way to get the most bang for your buck is to really focus on doing the exercise properly and then add weight as you grow. I don’t like to do the same back squat every time leg day comes around so the other morning in the gym I grabbed a plate and got to work. This is a great variation to help you focus on the glutes and keep a tight core throughout the entire range of motion. So ladies, if you are in need of working on your squat form you should try doing it this way.


Keep in mind if you don’t have access to plates you can use dumb bells or a gallon of water, whatever it takes to give you some added weight for resistance and is comfortable to hold up to your chest.


For me I used a 35lb plate since my usual back squat right now I am at 25lb – 35lb plates on each side of the bar. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and toes slightly pointed out. Grab the plate and hold it on either side and hold it parallel to the floor at the top of your chest near your clavicle bone area. Slowly drop down and keep your headup, chest up, spine neutral and sit BACK. So many women squat down and down sit back but the goal is to never IMG_4007.JPG

For those of you who ask about what shoes I wear to do leg day I always go with pretty flat shoes but today I used high top Nike’s

A quick video to show you the basic moves and form

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