How to keep yourself motivated to workout daily - Tips and Advice

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Tips and Some Chit Chat Advice on How to Stay Motivated to Workout Daily


Getting up everyday to go workout is not always fun. I work out at least 5 times a week and am the first to admit that some days it’s the last on my list of “oh my god I can’t wait to go do that” things. Some days I want to just get an extra hour and half of sleep and miss a morning workout. Other days i want to use my weekend to get errands done, see family and friends or pig out. (of course, I do believe in a cheat meal here and there and not being miserable just to be in shape). In the end, you really have to enjoy the workouts you are doing in order to really stick to them. If you have motivation to try something new, push yourself to your limit, attain a new goal then you will feel motivated to go workout. I get excited to workout when I am not bored, when I constantly change up my workout routine every 8-12 weeks. If I went in to the gym everyday like a robot, knowing exactly what to do each day and having no variation – I would stick the sharpest, closest object into my left eye ball. I need to be energized by my routine and challenged. Without challenge your workout will feel like WORK, and most people I know find that to be quite boring. But no matter what, whenever I leave the gym I feel so much better about myself and about the rest of my day. It’s the one hour or so that is just for me, no one telling me what to do or how to do it. No one judging me or asking anything of me, it’s just alone time to de-stress and focus on my body and my health.


Some of my top tips on how to stay motivated when working out:

1. keep your eyes on the prize! whether it is a photo that you use to motivate yourself or a dress your aiming to fit into by the end of the summer; make sure you have that visual handy to focus on and refocus on when you fall off track a bit. Whenever I need some motivation I look to my fitness inspiration: Andreia Brazier who is a kick butt girl who wins every year in the WBFF World Championship for women’s bodybuilding. She is my goal physique that I always think about when i want to skip a workout.

my fitness motivation/inspiration – Andreia Brazier WBFF Champion

2. splurge and get yourself some kick ass, super fun and bright workout apparel! There is nothing that motivates me more to go workout than new fitness gear! Whether it’s a new pair of comfy sneakers or some new colorful workout tights…you’d be surprised how much more you want to go work out when you are wearing clothes you love.


anytime i buy new fitness gear i am always ready to get up and go workout!

3. Switch up your routine a bit each week. If you do mostly machine exercises, maybe go with some free weights next week. Continue to do the same exercises but change up HOW you do them. Keep your mind and your body guessing.


sometimes its good to find a back room or other area of the gym to just workout and try new things

4. have a great list of music ready to keep you motivated and pumped up during a workout. there is nothing worse than not having any good music to listen to and playing the same 20 songs on repeat. freshen up your play list or download a free app to help like Pandora.

5. change your scenery – sometimes i like to take my workouts out doors (weather permitting) and just get some new visuals to focus on. When on vacation i keep to my routine and make sure to stay active, even if its a job on the beach or some body weight exercises in my room.

6. find a fun pair of sneakers that are just for working out. Keep them somewhere in your apartment or house that you can see them as a daily reminder to go out and workout. For me, sneakers get me excited to keep working out and getting a new pair always fuels my workout fire

bright, fun, comfortable workout shoes keep me motivated to workout.

7. get a workout buddy – me and my fiance both love fitness so it’s easier for me to stay on track when he also loves to workout too. neither one of us will let the other go a few days without going to the gym and we keep each other accountable for our health and fitness routine

me and john love to go to the gym so that is a great match made in fitness heaven

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