How To: Loose Beachy Waves Hairstyle Tips

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One of my favorite “go to” hair styles lately is the loose, beachy waves that seen in every magazine, blog and red carpet. It takes less than 15 minutes for me to do this to my hair and I wanted to share a few tips and my favorite products that I use to achieve this look. Ever since I cut 4-5 inches off of my hair curling it has been super easy to do and great for the fall. You can do this look with any hair length and all you need is a good clipless curling iron, the right hair spray and the right brush. I had filmed an entire tutorial on this for you guys and then when I uploaded to YouTube it crashed and it was lost, sigh…but I’ll work on a new one for this post next time I curl my hair.


My favorite products to use:

I have bought many curling irons over the years and there are a ton that are raved about by my beauty bloggers, but I don’t believe you need to spend tons of money on a good clipless iron. I found mine at Ulta and it’s been working amazing for me. I like to curl my hair when I have somewhere to go that I am dressing up for, or if it’s a day or two after I’ve washed my hair and it’s looking a little flat – curling it brings it back to life!


The Bed Head TIGI Clipless Curling Iron – “Curlipops” 1 inch tapered ceramic iron. $29.99 from (link). I picked this up on my recent trip to Ulta, and to be honest I had a curling iron I had been using but it was not a clipless. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money so I grabbed this one and have to say it holds the curls so well. It has a simple on and off switch so you don’t have to worry about choosing the right temperature, it’s fool proof. It gets hot in about 5 minutes but I leave it on for about 10-15 before I start to curl my hair. It comes with a protective hand mitt to use, especially if you are not familiar with using a clipless curling iron, I recommend you use it until you get the hang of it.


AG Cosmetics / AG Hair Matt Volume High & Dry Hair Spray – (link). This hairspray is my absolute current favorite when it comes to setting my hair and I first tried it at my hair salon. I typically hate hair spray because it feels wet and sticky but this is a matte hair spray so it feels like air and does not feel like any other hair spray I have ever used. I have hair that tends to get oily at the roots so the last thing I want is something that makes my hair feel wet or weighed down. This one is amazing and feels like cold air when you spray it and allows for my curls to be movable but still hold all day and night long. It is around $20-$24 but so worth every penny!


Teaser Comb – (link) It’s something I carry with me in my purse at all times to give myself a little lift and volume at the root. You can get one at almost any store, but I like the teaser combs that have really good tight bristles and can achieve a tease at the root that lasts. My hair tends to go flat quick at the roots so I am always making sure to use a teaser comb to give it that lift!

Tips and Tricks to Achieving Beachy Waves:

  1. Curl you hair on the second day after you have washed it. I like to do my curls on a day my hair is a little “dirty” so that it can hold the curl a lot better. I never curl my hair the same day I wash it, otherwise it is a bit too soft and the curl isn’t as tight
  2. Curl your hair in 1 to 1 1/2 inch sections and start from the front of the hair all the way around to the back, don’t forget the pieces on the underneath
  3. use a protective heat mitt until you are used to using a clipless wand, your skin will thank you for it because I burned myself a few times the first few attempts
  4. curl about half way down the hair shaft, not right at the root. this will create a softer, more “falling out” look
  5. keep about 1/2 inch in your fingers at the end to hold out and away from the heat
  6. after you remove the hair from the iron hold it in your hand for a few seconds while it’s still warm to lock in the curl
  7. after you do all the pieces spray it from the bottom facing up and let the hairspray dry
  8. run a brush through the curls to soften them up
  9. tease your hair at the roots for added volume
  10. when curling bangs curl away from the face and blend into your other layers
  11. remember this is not a perfect look, it’s meant to look a little undone and the curls will soften and fall a bit over the course of the day or night, but I always like that look better


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