How to make drinking more water fun with fruit

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For many people drinking a gallon of water a day is a chore! Water on it’s own doesn’t appeal to many palettes and I for one need something to add to mine in order to keep chugging it all day long. Whether it’s having a Blender Bottle like this with my at my desk in my office at work, having one with me on the go in my car holder or taking it with me to workout – I always find a way to make drinkings lots of water a priority and enjoyable!

My advice: find fruits that you really enjoy but just add them to the water and store it in your fridge overnight. Leaving it in the bottle over night in the cold fridge will allow the tastes of the fruits to penetrate the water and it will taste so refreshing and delicious you will enjoy it so much more. I have a few Blender Bottles and this prevents me from never having one. I have one at work, one at home, one in the car and a few others so I am never without one. Some I use for protein shakes but I keep those for protein powder drinks and my water I keep for water.

Some great fruits to add:





Orange Slices

Watermelon Chunks


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