How to make protein pancakes - Flap Jacked and Walden Farms Syrup

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Protein pancakes are a simple, fast and easy meal to make that you can eat any time of the day. We have always thought of pancakes as a breakfast food, but many fitness folks are opting for turning their favorite protein powders into a more edible form like protein pancakes. There is a great product that takes the guess work out for you and it’s called Flap Jacked. They come in various flavors but for my first go around making these I went with the classic buttermilk flavor.


How to make: (it’s the easiest thing since the mix is already made!)

1. put one serving size into a small mixing bowl

2. pour in water slowly until you reach the thickness you desire

3. let the pancake mix sit for a minute or so and watch as it slowly get thicker

4. spray a non-stick pan with either extra virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil

5. put on a medium heat

6. pour mix into small circular shapes

7. once you see small bubbles coming through, flip your pancake

8. repeat and then put on a plate and drizzle on some Walden Farms pancake syrup

9. The best step, eat them and enjoy!


1 serving will make you about 2 medium thickness pancakes. If you want to make them thinner you can probably add more water and get around 3-4 for one serving.


You cannot beat Walden Farms pancake syrup. It is guilt free and tastes amazing! I buy a ton of their products and this was my first time using the syrup and I am hooked! Look at your local Whole Foods, Fairway Market or you can order on Amazon here or their website as well. I recommend finding in your local super market though since online it is much more expensive. In my local Food Town they have all of the Walden Farms items for around $3.99 a bottle.


If you are just trying out protein pancakes this is a quick and easy way to do it effortlessly. I will also post a recipe soon of a protein pancake that I make from scratch using all individual ingredients. I also recommend looking into the Met-RX pancake mix as well which is pre-made as well and sold online here or at your local Vitamin Shoppe too. Feel free to jazz your pancakes up with fresh fruits and berries as well!

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