How to make pulled chicken breasts on stove top - with photos

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Healthy Pulled Chicken Breast How To & Recipe


Chicken breasts are a great form of lean protein and a white meat that can be cooked and marinated many ways. Boiling chicken is not as difficult as it might appear and making pulled chicken is a great way to change up your chicken recipes. Feel free to marinate your pulled chicken in various ways; add some bbq sauce, honey mustard or just use some basic seasonings like I did below. Boiled chicken will take you about 30 minutes but is fairly easy to do and tastes great. You can eat is as is, or you can put it on a whole wheat bun and make it a pulled chicken sandwich. However you slice it (no pun intended) pulled chicken is a great recipe to add to your healthy eating meal plan.


What you will need:

Lean Chicken Breasts, A large pot to cook in, a large baking dish or cast iron dish, low sodium chicken broth, Mrs. Dash seasonings, sea salt, black pepper


To prepare your chicken:

Make sure the area you are working in is sterile and clean. Grab your cutting board and cut off any extra fat from the chicken to make it extra lean.


Prepare your pot:

Fill your pot on the stove with the low sodium chicken broth. You will want to add enough to cover the chicken once it is submerged in the pot. You can then add your seasonings to your liking. I used some McCormicks Italian seasonings, original seasoning by Mrs. Dash, sea salt and black pepper. Add that to the broth and then place your chicken in on medium to low heat. Cover your pot and let the chicken cook until white and not pink in the middle. This should take about 15 minutes or so to cook through.


Get your fork ready to pull the chicken:

Pulling chicken is simply using a fork to rack across the breast. If it is cooked enough it will fall apart pretty easily. You will want to do this entirely to all of the chicken in the pot.


Let it marinate a bit more:

Put all of the chicken, once it is pulled apart, back into the pot with the chicken broth and seasonings. Put the stove on low and put the lid back on. Let this sit for another 10 minutes to absorb even more flavors.


Get ready to enjoy:

Once the time is up transfer the chicken into a dish and then enjoy! You can pair this with a ton of different sides like carrots, lentils, green beans, asparagus spears, brocolli rabe or beans.



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