How to throw a beautiful at work surprise bridal shower for your co-workers

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Tips to throwing an office bridal shower

Gathering the females in your office at work together to celebrate the upcoming wedding of a co-worker is a lot of fun to plan and also a great way to bond with those you work with. We recently hosted a surprise bridal shower for a co-worker and she was so surprised and it was a nice way to let her know that her work friends care and wish her the best for her big day! We all got together to plan how it would all go down and each person was giving either a task to do, something to buy or something to make to bring in for the event. We decided to go with a bridal shower brunch so that we all had time to get in early enough to prepare the room as well as give everyone time to get back to work and be productive for the remainder of the day. You need about 1-1.5 hours to decorate and get everyone together and then the shower was set for an hour and a half, which was the perfect amount of time.

  • Decide who will send out the work email to invite everyone to participate.
  • Let people know what they can sign up to bring or buy.
  • Discuss if it is better to buy a collective gift off of her registry or find out where she is registered and then chip in together to get one large gift card
  • Decide if you want to play any bridal shower games and then see what supplies you will need for it
  • Keep with a theme and color palette so that you can purchase items as needed
  • Food should be easy to clean up and offer a nice variety for different diets
  • Find out if anyone has any kind of allergies to make sure to avoid foods or to label foods properly
  • Pick a variety of foods, don’t get only desserts but mix it up
  • find a local bakery and get a small sheet cake and add some fresh flowers to it
  • Make “mocktails” so that you can use cute champagne flutes without getting in trouble with HR for having booze in the office
  • Keep it a secret. Set up a meeting with the bride so she is in another part of the building during set up and the beginning of the event

Below are photos I took of the event for the bride and our team to have as a nice reminder of the day!

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