How to use coconut oil for skin care and hair masks and the benefits

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How to use coconut oil for skin care and hair masks and the benefits


Two years ago I was introduced to extra virgin coconut oil and since then my life has never been the same. I used to think it was funny when people told me that “Coconut Oil can be used in every room of your home” and I thought that was odd – there is no way that is true, but oh boy it is. Since buying my first jar of coconut oil I continue to find great uses for it from cooking to baking to cleaning to hair and skin care. The options for the use of coconut oil for beauty and skin is endless! I originally bought my first jar for cooking and decided that I was going to try swapping it for my usual extra virgin olive oil in my dishes. What I found was not only did it taste really yummy and smell amazing but the more research I did on it the more I wanted to use this instead. It was delicious drizzled over popcorn as well as to marinate and saute my vegetables! I kept the jar in my kitchen right next to my spices.


Currently I buy the Garden of Life Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil. You can purchase it online here and it is usually around $10-12. This will last me at least 2 months with every day use. I keep one of these jars in my kitchen and one at the edge of my bathtub; one for cooking and one for beauty needs. One thing I love to do with my coconut oil is fill up my tub with some hot water and then put a spoonful of the coconut oil right into the bath tub. Soon it starts to smell heavenly and then as I soak in the tub it moisturizes my skin like the best bath oil ever. It feels soft to the touch and the water doesn’t feel greasy at all. I do this nightly as a nice way to pamper myself and relax after a long day or after a hard workout. The added benefit is I can put my head under the water and the coconut oil is great to moisturize my hair as well.


I also use coconut oil as an all over hair mask at least once every two weeks. I first wash my hair with shampoo and then I apply the coconut oil all over my hair from root to tip and then tie my hair up in a bun and cover with either a towel or a plastic hair bag to lock in the warmth from the scalp and keep the hair from drying. I will go about my day and leave this on for at least 3 hours. Once that time is up I shampoo it out and my hair feels like it’s been deep conditioned. I love it and it smells so good too.


I also use coconut oil on a cotton ball or cotton pad and use it as an eye makeup remover. It removes even the toughest mascara or eyeliner and it conditions the skin as well. This is so important especially with the delicate skin around the eye area. I also then will apply some to my eye lashes and eye brows as a conditioner for the hair. My eye lashes over time have begun to feel thicker and stronger since doing this before bedtime.


I also will use this as a foot moisturizer and then put a pair of thick socks on and let the oil settle into the skin. I sometimes will leave the socks on overnight and wake up to baby soft feet in the morning. This is also really good on your hands and as a cuticle oil to use before manicures. I swear, the uses for coconut oil are endless! I love using it and always go for the extra virgin organic version when I run out.

Uses for Coconut Oil:

Eye Makeup Remover

Cuticle Moisturizer

Bath Oil

Oil Pulling for Teeth Whitening

Hair Mask

Facial Moisturizer

Lip Moisturizer

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