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Two weeks ago my free box of samples arrived from which is a site for social media influencers to be chosen when appropriate to try and test new products. I have been using the free website for about a year and this is the second box I have received to test out beauty and fitness related products. This box was great and contained some brands and products I have tried and some new ones also which is a bonus! I always like to try out new items and see if it is something I would purchase in the future. I have to say that so far I have used all of the items in this box and am really happy with 75% of them. I don’t ever expect to love everything, but that’s where honest sets in. Some things you will like and some are still good but don’t work for you or your lifestyle.



In the #VitaVoxBox I received to sample and test for free was:

– Soft Lips Lip Balm Cube (get a coupon here: $1.00 off of any two (2) Softlips Cubes

– Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons – buy here

– Pure Leaf Lemon flavored Iced Tea – buy here

-First Degree Burn Cream – buy here

– Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum – buy here

– Bikini Ready’s Energy Gummies – buy here


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When my box arrived after returning from vacation this is what it looked like upon opening it. I like that the iced tea bottle was wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent leaking and damage to the other items in the box, smart idea! Of course anytime an Influenster box arrives I get excited to see what is inside, so this box surely fit my healthy and fitness lifestyle. The Vitality Vox Box was the perfect choice for me: a fitness & beauty blogger!


Of the items in this box I have to say that my favorite was the SoftLips Lip Balm cube. It tasted great and fit nicely into my traveling makeup bag. It is perfect for the ever-changing New Jersey weather and good under any lipstick (or without lipstick at all!) Very moisturizing and didn’t feel sticky or tacky under lip gloss or lip stick. I also think the packaging is very cute and fun. It is easy to hold and put on your lips fast and be on your way.

Next, I didn’t think I was going to need the First Degree burn cream, but of course about two weeks after I received the box I burned myself with my clipless curling iron right on the side of my forehead (ouch, we’ve all been there!) So right away I went in my drawer where I had that box and started to use it. It helped to cool the burn and over time has helped it to heal without any peeling. I put it on just like a neosporin every night before bed on a clean face. I hope to be a bit more careful when curling my hair in the future, but this one was a life saver!


Next up in the box to try was the Pure Leaf Lemon Iced Tea. I wish they would have sent me the diet version as I don’t like to drink teas with this much sugar. That would be my only critique since I did love the taste and the brand and the ingredients but did not want over 15 grams of sugar in one beverage. I just saw the other day in a convenience store that they do have a diet version so I will work to give that one a try instead. Untitled-11

I have to say I like the idea of the Bikini Ready gummies, but for a product that has to do with weight management I wouldn’t be able to give it a real review by only trying 3 gummies. The packaging looks like soft candies but the actual gummy has a sugary coating which might be some good feedback to their packaging team; some people might not want a candy that looks that sugary when they open it. The taste was good, that I will say but personally I try to stick to the regiment I am on now with vitamins and supplements. It claims to increase metabolism and energy – it might, but with only 1 daily serving I wouldn’t be able to tell.

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Disclaimer: “I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

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