Leg Day Exercises To Swap In To Your Current Workout Routine

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Leg Day Exercise List – Some great ones to add to your training routine


When it comes to leg day it is absolutely my favorite! I love going in and knowing that in a day or two I am going to be sore and that will tell me that I worked really hard and am making great progress. The one thing that I aim to do to keep my workouts challenging and exciting is to add in and swap out some exercises on leg day to target various parts of my glutes. You never want to just done one set of exercises and not target the many areas of your backside. The key to growing a proportional booty is to do various exercises to build up the bum bum.


I usually do 6 exercises max on leg day; I super-set 3 rounds total. I try to make sure to do my largest compound movements either in the first or second super set since I know by the last one I will not have the energy I need to do a round of heavy dead lifts or back squats. Also remember on leg day to eat a bit more carbs than you do on other days, you will need the carbs for fuel to give your body energy for these work outs. Many people get dizzy or feel sick on a heavy leg day – that is normal. Your leg muscles are the largest group in your body and when you are pumping all the blood into them you will feel light headed. If that happens find an area to kneel down and put your head down between your knees.


Below are a list of my go-to glute exercises that I alternate with on leg days:

Trap Bar Deadlift

Stiff Leg Deadlift

Back Squat

Split Squat

Step Up into Reverse Lung

Plated Hip Thruster/Bridges

Cable Ankle Kick Backs

Wide Stance Leg Press

Single Legged Leg Press

Goblet Squats

Side Lunges

Walking Lunges

Calf Raises

High Incline Treadmill Walking (Cardio)

Stairmaster Session (Cardio)


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