Maid of Honor Gift Box - How I asked My Best Friend to be in my Wedding

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Maid of Honor Gift Box – How I asked My Best Friend to be in my Wedding

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I recently chose the date of my wedding and booked my venue (YAY!) and the very first thing I wanted to do is to create the box that I would send in order to ask my best friend to be my Maid of Honor. This was the box that I created to send to her as a surprise to ask her to do me that honor, to be with me and help me on my big day. Sending a box to your maid of honor and bridesmaids is a nice way to show them how important they are to you and that it would mean the world to you to have them be a part of this moment in your life. For me and my fiance we decided not to have a bridal party and just have a Maid of Honor and a Best Man. I think many couples are taking this approach now and my best friend since 5th grade is who I chose and my fiance’s only brother is his best man – it worked out perfectly and we couldn’t be happier.


Me & My best friend and now maid of honor <3

What to put in your maid of honor box?

I thought long and hard what I wanted to include in my box for my best friend, Sylvia. I thought about her style, about things she would cherish, about making it sentimental but at the same time fun and witty. I also wanted to include stuff that is practical and things we can share together. I will list out below what I included and where I purchased the items. I hope that this is great food for thought and inspiration as you begin to think about how you will ask your special ladies to be a part of your bridal party.

Polka dot Box & matching tissue paper: purchased at Target


Alex & Ani best friend bracelets: (exact link for the best friend bands here) $48

The heart is at the core of our spiritual and emotional center. To share your heart with another is to create an unbreakable bond of kindness, trust, and love. Share your affection and your charm with the Best Friends Bangle Set. Each charm hangs from Alex and Ani’s Expandable Wire Bangle and is available in a Russian Gold and a Russian Silver finish.


Kate Spade Bridesmaid Idom Bangle: The bridesmaid bangle bought on her website here. It is engraved with ”birds of a feather, two of a kind, perfect pair, partners in crime, peas in a pod, sidekicks.” $58

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Confetti Stick Popper: Hooray! Shoot ivory hearts, stars and streamers fifteen feet into the sky, with this compressed-air popper here. Nothing says “Let’s celebrate” like popping this bad boy up! $12

Forever Confetti Popper

Will You Be My Card: they sell both for maid of honor and for bridesmaids on Anthropology Wedding site here $8 each

Will You Be My Card

A mini makeup brush set from cruelty free brand Crown Brush: great for touch ups and on the go makeup application on the day of the wedding. Also has a zipper for money, credit card and ID as well. Similar set here but I got mine on Hautelook for half the price on sale one day.

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Picture frame and Maid of Honor Survival Card: This is so sentimental but funny at the same time and I know I had to get it. The frame was from Target and the card is from here $8


Mini Emergency Kit (the cutest thing ever!): Set includes: deodorant towelette, stain remover, nail polish remover, pain reliever, dental floss, clear nail polish, lip balm, breath freshener, hair spray, antacid, tampon, adhesive bandage, mending kit, safety pin, double-sided tape, clear elastics, earring backs, emery board, bobby pins, wedding bands, blotting tissue, facial tissue. Buy here for $18

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In the end I loved everything that I put in here because every piece meant something special to me. I knew that I was going a little over board but she deserves it. She is going to be there with me to help me from now until my wedding day and I couldn’t imagine having someone else be that big a part of my day than her. She received her box and was so happy, and she loved the little mini emergency kit! I think its the cutest, most handy thing ever!

I hope you have fun joining me on my wedding planning journey and I will share as much as I can as it continues until my wedding which is June 6, 2015!

xo – Adrienne

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Every single item was picked with love for her.

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