Make Your Anniversary Extra Special For Your Husband

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Marriage takes a lot of hard work, being with one person day-in, day-out is no easy task, regardless of how much you love them. (Ask any couple who have been together for longer than a couple of years, and they'll tell you the same thing.) That's why, celebrating your anniversary is so, so important. After a few years of being together, many couples stop marking their anniversary with any special plans and treat it as just another day. If you want a happy, healthy marriage, this is a big no-no. (Talk to any relationship therapist and they'll tell you the same.)

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Something I've noticed when it comes to anniversaries is that often, it's the man who puts in the most effort. But this shouldn't be the way it is, on your anniversary both you and your husband should put in the same amount of effort. You may not be able to buy him a bouquet of roses, but there are plenty of other ways that you can show him that you care. To help you make your next anniversary extra special for your husband, here are a few ideas:

Treat him to breakfast in bed

The chances are that throughout the year on special occasions, your husband treats you to breakfast in bed. Your anniversary is the perfect time to return the favor. Set your alarm for extra early to ensure that you beat him to it, and whip up a delicious breakfast . Whether he loves a good fry up, a stack of pancakes, or a smoked salmon bagel, you can get his day off to a good start with a relaxing breakfast in bed. Don't forget to pour him a glass of his favorite juice, and make him a cup of fresh coffee. Not a good cook? That's okay, take him out for breakfast instead.

Choose the most amazing gift

With his gift , think outside the box. Forget getting him a wallet or new jumper, find him a gift that will make his day. A wallet is a great gift, so is a jumper, but they're not exactly exciting, are they? Think about his likes and dislikes, and his hobbies and interests, and you should be able to come up with an incredible gift. If you're stuck for ideas, here are a couple that could be a success. For a guy who loves extreme sports, an experience day could be perfect. If he's mentioned that he'd always wanted to try white water rafting, treat him to a white water rafting experience. For a guy that is interested in gadgets, something like a drone could be ideal. It might be a pricey gift, but a DJI drone could make his day. If your husband is in need of a pamper – maybe he works super hard, a voucher to a male spa could be perfect. We all love being pampered – even men, right?

Spoil him with the day of his dreams

Me and my husband at a place we love in Philadelphia for dinner

Once you've picked out the perfect gift, the next step is to organize the most amazing day. Your anniversary should be a day where the two of you have fun together, so picking the perfect activity is important. Go for lunch at the place you had your first date . Pretend you've just met and are getting to know each other again. Go to all the places that are special to the two of you, and relive your best memories. There are so many ways you can make your anniversary special; it's just a case of getting creative.

There you go, all the ways that you can make your anniversary amazing for your husband.

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