Meal Prep Diary: Week 3 Grilled Chicken, Sweet Potatoes & Vegetable Soup Recipes

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Meal Prep Diary: Week 3


Grilled Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Chili Pitas & Vegetable Soup


Another week, another meal prep. This week I aimed to do much more items in bulk and keep it fairly simple. I notice if I try to make too many things that I never get to eating it all in time and it goes to waste. You really can’t ever go wrong with bulk chicken meal prepping as well as sweet potatoes, chili and a pot of really delicious vegetable soup. All of this was done on Saturday since on Sunday I had a birthday party and some other things to take care of.

Grilled Chicken in Bulk Tips:

Wash your chicken in cold water and pat dry with a paper towel.

Marinate your chicken with olive oil, sea salt, pepper and any additional Mrs. Dash spices of your choice


Spray your skillet and put on a medium heat.

Meal Prep Week 3

Cook your chicken only 1 minute on each side and then place in a tray with aluminum foil


Put them in the oven at 350 degrees and let them finish cooking for another 20 minutes. You don’t want to cook them all the way on the stove, you want them to cook inside the oven to stay flavorful and not dry out.

Tips for making a batch of sweet potatoes:


I buy the sweet potato chunks sold in the produce section, it cuts down on time.

I then use a tray with aluminum foil and spray the tray and the potatoes with organic olive oil spray

I dash on some McCormicks Italian seasonings and blend it all around

Bake in oven with the chicken for 35 minutes so they get nice and soft

Tips when taking out of the oven:


When your items are out of the oven, cover the aluminum foil over them so the heat and moisture stay in the tray. This also helps them to keep cooking a bit and lock in the flavors.


Recipe for Vegetable Soup From Scratch


1 container of vegetable broth & 1/2 container of chicken broth

1/2 can of diced tomatoes

salt, pepper and italian seasoning to taste

2 handfuls of spinach

chopped white onion, celery, carrots

1/2 cup of peas

1 cup of lentils

1/2 cup of brown rice pasta, any shape Cook until the lentils are soft which is usually about 30 minutes, then let sit on low heat until you are ready to enjoy a bowl or two! _MG_9434

Ground Turkey Chili Pita Pockets


1 package of lean ground turkey

1 packet of low sodium McCormicks taco seasoning

chopped white onion

black beans & yellow corn

whole wheat pita bread cut in half to make pockets


You can get these pockets at Trader Joe’s or any healthy food grocery store. Don’t over stuff them or they can break. You can also top with some low fat Mexican or Mozzarella cheese!

_MG_9422Full Gallery of this week’s meal prep is below. I hope you enjoy trying some of these out yourself! Remember one of the best pieces of advice for meal prep – make sure you enjoy eating your healthy meals. There is nothing worse than a diet that you don’t enjoy. Use seasonings to rev up your meals and experiment each week. Until next week’s meal prep, be happy and be healthy!

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