Meal prep high protein, low carb lunch ideas for this week

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When it comes to meal prepping I am always looking for ways to make healthy dishes that are quick, easy and will not go bad before I can get all the food! This week I got back into the kitchen to make food for a few days to stay on track and on top of my diet. Right now I am focusing more on high protein, low carb dishes since I eat a breakfast of carbs now to give me energy during the day time.

This week I went with some lean chicken, tuna, greens and avocado for my lunches while at work. These are easy to prepare, cook and eat in the office. I made enough for 3-4 days and it only took about 30 minutes to make them both. If you are in need of some meal prep containers I highly recommend getting some like this to make it easy to clean and pack each day.


Tuna is a great high protein, low calorie and low fat/carb food so I really enjoy making it during meal prep. I use solid white albacore tuna since it is a bit chunkier and less watery than the regular red/pink tuna fish. I like to add some Mrs. Dash seasoning for flavor and then some Ranch Mayo by Walden Farms (zero carb, calorie and sugar condiments which I love!) I also like to chop up some white onion and celery to add to the mix for some crunch!


In order to get some good fats into my diet I love avocados. They make tuna fish a bit creamier and I use 1 avocado for the 3 meals so it’s about 1/3 of an avocado per container. This gives you a high amount of protein, low carb and good healthy fats!


Next up was a more filling meal prepped lunch of chicken breast chunks and broccoli. I always like to cut the chicken into chunks so it is easier to eat but it also helps the meat to cook through faster. I use Mrs. Dash seasonings, either the steak or the chicken flavor. Both work really well paired with just a little bit of olive oil cooking spray.


When it comes to chicken I always go with the natural, antibiotic free chicken. I never get Purdue or Tyson or anything of that sort that looks fake. If it is too pink and not flesh colored don’t buy it. I would rather spend a bit more money on a piece of good chicken than one filled with lots of antibiotics and other fillers.


When completed they look like the below and the containers were bought at Target. Overall meal prepping is easy and a great way to keep me on top of my goals. Usually you can also get these types of food containers from your local deli, take out restaurant or I also found some at a party store near me. (example: party city sometimes has these near the party platters and trays).


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