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I am always on the hunt to try out protein bars and recently saw that MusclePharm makes one called Combat Crunch. I picked up a few flavors to try out and share with you my thoughts. I am a lover of protein bars as they are an easy snack to have between meals or when I am out on the move. I also eat a high protein diet so for me protein bars are a quick way to get an extra 20 grams of protein in without having to sit down to eat a meal or drink a full protein shake. Sometimes protein bars for me feel like more of a dessert or treat which keeps me from wanting to grab for something unhealthy like a bag of chips or a candy bar. They satisfy my sweet tooth and keep me feeling full when I don’t have much time to cook or eat something else. I always have 2-3 protein bars in my bag or purse at all times so that I am never stuck in a situation where I am hungry and have to grab for something that is not part of my usual diet.


Flavors I have tried which is 3 out of the 4 flavors: (I did not see the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup in the store)

? Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

? Cinnamon Twist

? White Chocolate Raspberry

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As you can see from the photos the bars are not your average plain protein bar. They have an outer layer, or coating that tastes to me like a frosting. The cinnamon and the raspberry bar both have a white or vanilla looking outer layer while the cookie dough has a chocolate covering. The bar size is a medium to large size so it is not small by any means. The bar costs on average $2.79-$3.00 per bar. Each bar has 20 grams of protein for 210 calories which is a good profile. It also has 12 grams of fiber to help you feel full which is great between meals.


Each bar also has what looks like a drizzle the matches the flavor of the bar. The cinnamon has a brownish/caramel color, the raspberry has a pink and the cookie dough has a chocolate. The bar has a crunchy layer and a soft layer which is a nice mix of textures when you bite into it. I wasn’t sure if I would like the crunchiness of the bar, but I really did. The flavors are not over powering and I enjoyed each of the 3 that I purchased.


Nutritional Information Per Bar:

210 calories // 7 grams of fat // 20 grams of protein // 12 grams of fiber // 28 grams of carbs

For me I like that the bar has a high fiber content, which usually makes me feel full for a lot longer than some other bars that have little to no fiber. 20 grams of protein is on par with the other bars that I usually buy ( Quest Bars & Oh Yeah Nutrition VictoryBars). The bar is very filling so I will usually have one in between meals to hold myself over until I eat an actual meal like lunch or dinner.


Combat Crunch Protein Bars

Of the three flavors I really did like them all. The cinnamon was not an overpowering cinnamon flavor as I had expected it to be, it was sweet but not too much. The cookie dough tasted a bit more chocolate-y than I expected but I like chocolate so that didn’t bother me one bit. The white chocolate raspberry was a nice flavor change as not many protein bar companies make that flavor. I like anything berry flavored when it comes to protein so that was a top one for me.


I would say that if I were to buy a box of only one flavor I would likely go with the white chocolate raspberry. It is a change of pace for me as I usually go for peanut butter or cookie dough flavors. I also loved the pink color as well! The bars were very soft and chewy, not hard or tough to eat. They also smell very good once you open the wrapper!


Overall if you are looking to change up your protein bar game you might want to check these out. I purchased these myself so I was not paid to write a review or post about these. This is my own personal opinion and not that of anyone else or any company.

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