My Bedroom Makeover and Update with Raymour & Flanigan

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As part of my home make over series I will be tackling a few areas of our newlywed pad; living room, bedroom and home office. I am so excited to be working with Raymour & Flanigan on my furniture and decor updating as we get ready for our wedding in less than 3 months (wow is time flying now!) As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post almost all of our current furniture was already bought from Raymour & Flanigan, so when I was given the opportunity to pick a few additional items to share with my readers to finish up our space I was ecstatic. I always like to purchase my larger pieces of furniture at the same retailer and then work in some of the decor and accents from various places like Home Goods, TJ Maxx or Pier 1. For this post I wanted to show you our current bedroom and also share some of the ideas that I have to update it and add to it as part of being one of the #RFbloggers this year.


Below are some photos of our current bedroom as it exists today. We purchased the Metropolitan Home Tocara 4-pc. King Platform Bedroom Set w/ Storage Bed when we first moved into our new place. We have the queen size bed with night stand and long dresser with attached mirror. The reason we chose this bedroom set was we loved our modern it was. We also have a small dog (a yorkie) and we needed a bed frame that wasn’t too high. When you have a small dog you want to be conscious of your bed height so that your pet doesn’t jump off and hurt themselves. While the bed is still too high for my dog to jump up onto, it is still low enough for her to jump off of without putting too much pressure on her joints when hitting the rug. This bed also offers two storage drawers in the front which we use for extra bed sheets, linens and pillow cases.

One thing you will notice a lot of in my bedroom is the joys of wedding planning! I have been slaving away to finish addressing and making my wedding invitations which you see in some of my photos. Also all of the arts and crafts items and my photography equipment, I do a lot of my storage for my wedding stuff and photo gear in my bedroom. I will likely be getting rid of my writing desk and/or my moving my jewelry armoire out of the way since it’s cluttering things up a bit as well. We also have a large flat screen tv that we still need to mount up on our wall likely above where my writing desk is currently. It’s all a work in progress but working a full time job, running my website, doing photography AND planning a wedding keeps me quite busy lately.


The headboard for this bed is amazing; it is square which gives it a nice shape and clean lines. It has a shelf to put items on or leave bare like we do. On each side of the headboard there are hidden push open doors. Inside those doors are LED reading lamps which are very bright and great for when we lounge in bed. These plug-in discretely into the wall sockets without a lot of wires hanging out. For the night stand we only got one and that is on my side of the bed. I have a nice little table lamp and a few photos and trinket items. This night stand also has a hidden electric power strip inside that makes organizing phone chargers and wires without the extra clutter on the night stand. The dresser has six large drawers for me and my fiance to share and on the sides of the dresser is also two push open hidden compartments to store items or valuables.


We are going to pick out a few items to add to our bedroom but pretty much most of our shopping is complete for this room. We may work to add a nice standing mirror for us to get ready with like this one:


I may also want to replace my current night stand lamp with one that has a bit more silver or chrome to match the handles on the bedroom set and the new mirror, this one is a great choice:


I also am waiting on the following bedding to arrive from Bed Bath & Beyond which will change-up the colors in my room. I plan to find some new wall art to match this grey, slate and chrome motif a bit more. I think I will swap out the art work above my bed for something fresh and new. I love this color palette because it is dark and modern but still soft and light. Paired with some white sheets and curtains this is great for both me and my fiance. ( link to comforter set)

Madison Park Bridgeport Collection 7-Piece Queen Comforter Set

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