My current natural skin care routine for the summer time

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How four natural ingredients helped to keep my skin clear and blemish free


If you read my blog you know I have switched a great deal of my bath and beauty items to all natural, especially those that go onto my face. After years of battling hormonal breakouts, oily skin and just inconsistencies I decided to go on a pursuit to find all natural DIY skin care regiments that would keep me clear and break out free. I have combination skin, but mostly by the end of the day it is oily so I always need something to remove dirt and oil, balance my skin, tone and brighten and moisturize. If I tried to achieve all of those things before I need a special cleanser, exfoliating cream, toner, moisturize and possibly a spot acne treatment. Leading up to my wedding one of my biggest fears was I would have a terrible breakout right before my big day. My skin is never clear all the time and I wanted so badly to make sure I had perfect skin on my wedding day, so I began to play with different natural products to come up with something that would

  • get rid of oil and shine
  • prevent me from getting very dried out or give me flakey skin
  • would prevent me from having any pimples or breakouts
  • make my skin look smooth
  • tighten my pores

I don’t have time to be dealing with dozens of products and most of those items are filled with chemicals and are not all natural. Now truth be told, I do have a few products that I continue to use for my skin that are all natural that do work well with the DIY mix I will be posting about.


Currently for my skin I use the following aside from the mix below:

  • Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel ( link) great for cleaning my skin in the morning before makeup and at night to remove makeup. Super soft, no harsh scrub and no foaming lather
  • Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream ( link) it’s what I apply as the last thing to my skin before bed to moisturize
  • Serumtologie Anti-aging Vitamin C Serum 22 for Face, 1 fl. oz. ( link) this is a clear serum I apply after my skin is cleansed in the morning and before I put on my makeup. Just one tiny pump and let it dry on the skin before applying a primer or makeup


Now that we have my current skin care routine out of the way let’s talk about the potion I use to keep my skin clean and clear! The concoction that I have made and use combines 4 key ingredients and I use it as the first thing I do in the morning to my face and the last thing I do at night before I apply a heavier moisturizer.


The mix I make I put in a pump container and use the following:

  • 6-8 drops of Pure Moroccan Argan Oil – link (this helps to put moisture back into my skin)
  • 5 drops of pure tea tree oil – link (to help remove dirt and oil and heal any current breakouts)
  • witch hazel with aloe vera – link (to tone my skin, remove oils and dirt and tighten my pores)
  • 2 tbsp of organic apple cider vinegar – link (has many great properties to remove dirt, help with blackheads and whiteheads)


I put about two pumps of this into a cotton pad and wipe all over my face, focusing on my t-zone area where I tend to get more oily. I am always so surprised how much I pull out of my face even AFTER I have just washed it. This mix does not burn, sting or smell and leaves my skin feeling refreshed, toned and clean! I have not had any dry skin as a result of using this as part of my routine and I have been able to keep my skin very clear using it too! I am a big fan of all natural beauty products and DIY ways of using skin care items. Let me know if you try this out as part of your routine and what you think!

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