My experience with eyelash extensions - what to expect

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Eyelashes Extensions 101

My experience with eyelash extensions – what to expect when you get your first set

When I was in my 20’s I couldn’t complete my going out makeup with a pair of false lashes. I felt like without a pair of falsies my eyes looked naked or bare. The problem was that over time I relied on wearing them all the time and they actually wound up making my natural lashes a lot more patchy and sparse. During that time I was a bartender on the weekends and also did the occasional modeling/photo shoot so heavy makeup was like “dress up” and I enjoyed make up and false lashes. Fast forward a few years and the thought of putting lashes on just was annoying to me. I never felt like they looked identical, I always worried they would fall off or a corner would lift up and I’d be stuck without eyelash glue. I also wanted to focus more on making my own natural lashes longer, stronger and thicker. After two years of using Latisse and Careprost my own lashes got amazingly long and lush and I had no desire to wear false lashes anymore. You can read some of my previous reviews on how amazing I feel that Careprost is (and cheaper than Latisse) to regrow your own natural lashes – click here

My results after my first set of eyelash extensions – I am now HOOKED!

Now that I am a month away from my wedding I had always been curious about getting lash extensions put on. I knew for my wedding that I did NOT want to wear false eye lashes. The last thing I need to be worrying about on my wedding day is if my false lashes is flapping in the wind, if my eyes are red and irritated from the glue, or if they looked took fake. So after putting off trying lash extensions for awhile I decided to go to a place that was recommended by some friends at work – La Bella Salon in Rutherford, New Jersey. I had some idea of what the process was for eyelash extensions but I really was a virgin to the whole process. I made the appointment and was told to show up with no eye makeup on, no moisturizer or any products on or around my eyes and also not to curl my natural eye lashes. I was told to expect to be there for about an hour and a half for the initial set of lashes to be applied.


The top is before my eyelash extensions and the bottom is after.

What will happen when you get your eyelash extensions for the first time:

1. You will lay down on a table facing up and the technician will discuss with you the desired look you want to achieve. Some salons have different tiers of lash packages. For example a “Natural Lash” look might include 40-55 lashes per eye, but a “Glamour Lash” look will have 100! It sounds like a ton of lashes but in actuality 40-50 is not a lot. For the initial set I say go with around 70-80.

2. Once you discuss how many lashes the technician will place small pieces of tape to cover your lower lashes and keep them out of the way. This should not be a tape that will irritate the delicate under eye area, but a some gel type tape that will feel cool on the skin. This tape should not hurt and you should not feel it when you close your eyes.

3. Once the tape is applied sometimes they will put some tiny tape strips on the eye lid and pull it up so the skin is nice and taught. This also should not hurt or irritate the eye lid.

4. At this time you will be instructed to close your eyes. They will remain closed for the entire process and it will take at minimum one hour. Some people will just fall asleep during this time. I fell in and out of sleep during my eyelash application. I was relaxed and comfortable and did not feel any discomfort or pain.

5. The technician will start to apply the lashes directly to your natural lashes. The lashes should be soft to the touch and not wire like. You can ask what type of lashes the salon you plan to go to uses.

6. Once the lashes are all applied they will let everything settle and dry and then they will show you the results. You will be instructed NOT to get your lashes wet for 24 hours. That means you cannot take a shower and wet your face in the stream, you cannot wash your face and splash it with water. You must allow the lashes to stay dry for the first 24 hours so that the glue bonds to your lashes.

7. You should not feel the lashes. They should not interfere with your vision or blinking. I do not feel my lashes at all day to day. They feel like my own lashes and are not heavy and do not pull or tug on my own lashes.


How to care for your eyelash extensions

– Do not pull on them, curl them or tug them. Even if you decide you no longer want to keep up with them, do not just start pulling them off – you will pull out your own natural lash with them.

– Use only oil-free products on your lashes and eyes. If you put any eye liner on or mascara remove with an oil free eye makeup remover only. If you use anything with oil it will loosen the glue bonds

– Keep up the maintenance on your lashes. You will need to go for a “fill” to replace any lashes that have shed or fallen out naturally every 2-3 weeks.

– Do not use any waterproof mascara on your eyelash extensions.

– Make sure to keep your eyes clean to avoid any eye infections. Do not avoid washing your face or lashes, you can still wash your face and get them wet just don’t use oil based products.

IMG_2040.JPGI have to say after a month of wear and having gone in for a fill for my lashes I absolutely LOVE having them. It is so much easier to wake up daily without needing to use mascara or anything on my eyes and they just POP with all the lashes. At my last fill I had the woman do even more lashes to make it look like thicker “false lash” look and it feels still very light and natural on my eyes. I have only lost a few hairs and they don’t make much of a difference in the overall look of the eye. I have not had any irritation or issues with them since they were applied.

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