My gym bag must have items for working out - what’s in my gym bag?

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Whether you are looking to get into shape as your New Year’s resolution or you want to take your workouts to the next level, it’s key to have everything you need to get the most out of your gym time. Over the last year I have test and tried lots of fitness accessories, products and supplements and there have been some great ones (listed below) and not so great ones. Instead of focusing on the bad, I will use this post to focus on the good and share with you what is currently in my gym bag. As a fitness lovers I am always looking for new items to step it up a notch in the gym and I think you will find many of these useful no matter what your current goals are. I always have a gym bag with me at all times and plan my workouts accordingly to account for if I’m working out after work, before work, etc.


My fitness must-haves…what’s in my gym bag?

First let’s talk about why a gym bag is so important and what to look for. I use two different types of gym bags:

1) a sling bag with a cinch top, great for quick workouts when I am already dressed and ready for the gym but need to carry some items inside with me or use in the car before I head into the gym. I have one of these in my passenger seat at all times if I want to carry in some water, sweat towel and some other items I need. These are inexpensive and can be replaced easily so I always have one of these.

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2) the larger duffel style bag which holds everything and the kitchen sink. That one is good when you are packing your gym clothes with you to go to workout after a day at work or school. I like these to put a pair of workout clothes, sneakers, my shaker bottle and anything else I may need.

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My gym bag must-haves


– beats by dre head phones – click here

I use both the solo beats (mine are purple and black, great because the white gets dirty after sweating) and the studio beats (mine are in pink). I love both but the studio beats are huge on my little head and require batteries so they are constantly needing replacing because I forget to turn them off after working out. The solos are my favorite because they are small and light and don’t need any batteries or recharging to use them. If you are going to buy a pair of beats to work out go with the solos, much lighter and smaller and go for the black foam insides.


– music/iphone/pandora

I always make sure to have my cell phone ready to pump the beats while I am working out. If I have no battery I don’t think I would make it through my workout, I need good music to get me going. I like hip hop, pop and house music though sometimes rock is good too. If I don’t have any new music added I will use Pandora and love the Lil’ Jon station and Afrojack Radio.


– Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer

I tried a sample of Sweet Sweat about a year ago and have been loving it ever since. I use both the stick/tube type which is a screw style like a glue pen you used to use as a kid. I also use the jar of it as well which is better in the heat since the stick used to melt then literally pour out all over me and harden like wax. Not a cute look on black workout pants. Anyhow, this product smells amazing and is clear and you rub it all over the areas where you want to sweat more. I usually put this all over my stomach and obliques as well as my lower back area. It is also helpful if I have a sore muscle because it helps the blood to flow in these areas.

Encourages Sweating During Exercise

It takes calories to make energy and it takes energy to sweat, more energy than most people realize and like all energy consuming processes “Sweating Helps Burn Calories.” Sweet Sweat will cause an additional increase in circulation to areas applied, helping to promote a “good sweat.”


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– snacks: protein bars, ostrim snacks

My two favorite protein bars are Quest bars and OhYeah! Nutrition Victory bars. I also love Ostrim snacks because they are low calorie and give me some protein quickly when I am on the go. I have these in my gym bag and in my car at all times in case I need some workout food before or after a gym session and didn’t have a chance to get something else to eat. At least I know these are packed with protein and will help me to not be starving when I walk into or out of the gym.

photo 1

– ankle straps for cable exercises

This year I focused a lot more on lifting heavy on my legs and one exercise I do to target the glutes is cable kick backs. In most gyms they don’t have ankle straps for you to connect the cable to so it’s best to buy your own. I got mine on Amazon and they are comfortable and light weight and I use these once a week when I do my lighter leg day. I like these by Harbinger because they have some cushion on the inside for your ankles.

– deoderant & perfume

I always keep a stick of deodorant in my gym bag to freshen up and a small roller ball or travel spray of perfume if I want to spray after the work out. Not that I plan to go anywhere after sweating like a pig but if I want to add some good smells on the ride home I always have this just in case. I like to use Degree when I work out and I have tried a few others but this one works best for me when sweating a lot. I go for the motion activated one and it is an invisible solid. For perfume I have been carrying the Dolce & Gabana Light Blue one I bought at sephora.

– shaker bottle for water

I have to admit I have way more shaker bottles than one woman needs but I am always getting new ones. These I have in my bag with me at all times so that I stay hydrated and have something to mix my pre workout and post workout powders. I get mine and have one at home, one in the car and one at work with me that goes in my gym bag too. I love the Blender Bottle ones and also the Smart Shake ones which have compartments for your pills and powders too.

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– BCAA/Amino Acid powder

I always make sure to drink water with amino acids throughout the day and also during/after a tough work out to give back to my muscles and body what I just took out by giving it a royal beating. My favorites are Amino X by BSN and ReGen by RSP Nutrition. Both taste great and aren’t overly sweet which I don’t like. I keep a jar at home, in my gym bag and at work to use during the day time.

photo 3

– extra hair ties

This is a given, but I always have extra black elastics for my hair. I can’t tell you how many times they have snapped when I go to re-do a ponytail. I keep one or two on my wrist and a few in my gym bag. I also have a head band in there to keep my hair out of my face and some extra bobby pins (those always go missing!)

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