New Leg Day Workout to Rebuild Strength for Women

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Hi ladies, it’s time to get back to business in the gym and I’m excited to share with you all what I am currently doing in my training and a look at my leg day workout! I know many of you have been doing the 12 week workout program but wondering “what do I do now that I am finished?!” Usually after every 3 months I do a new workout program but I don’t post it until I am at least 2-3 weeks in so I have gone through it and know that it’s worth sharing with you all. I am 2 weeks into my new routine and can’t wait to post the whole thing for you all to follow. It will be a 28 day program or a 4 week program to get you stronger and leaner!


For the last 3 months I had to take a break from lifting heavy; I had a very intricate wedding gown that I had to be very careful not to grow more arm or back muscle or I’d rip it to shreds. That meant no more heavy lifting upper body. I spent the last 2 months basically doing lots of plyometric work, consistent cardio and body weight exercises. I have to say it sucked hard core, I was so mad I couldn’t go hard in the gym like I was used to. I also had been suffering from a condition called Costochondritis which is inflammation of the junctions where the upper ribs join the cartilage that holds them to the breastbone (sternum). This was sadly caused by many times that I was lifting my mother during her last few weeks battling cancer. I wound up pulling in very awkward positions and had terrible rib pain for over 2 months! Anyhow, I’m back on the mend, back in the gym and today’s post is about my current leg day workouts! I train legs two times a week and below will be the description of both day’s exercises. I hope you enjoy and keep an eye out for my 28 day program!

Before the Workout – Natural Pre-Workout:


Let’s talk first about what I use for my pre-workout. I have decided for me I want to make sure my supplements like my powders are natural and free of artificial sweeteners. I’ve gotten a lot more conscious of fake sugars in my supplements so before my workout, on the way to the gym or right before I leave the house I put 2 scoops of True Athlete Energizing Training Formula into a shaker bottle of water. I like this because it uses all natural caffeine and does not have an overly sweet taste. It has no artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors. ( click here to buy or learn more). I drink 2 full 16 ounce shaker bottles during a typical workout so that’s 32 ounces of water even before breakfast – the more water the better!

Leg Day #1 Routine:


I do my leg workouts on Monday and Thursday. I alternate between my home gym and Retro Fitness. My home gym does not have olympic bars so I do a different workout there on Monday and another type of heavier, squat/deadlift workout on Thursday. Below are two videos to show case some of the exercises on this particular workout day. I like to try to go in knowing what I am going to do otherwise I can get carried away on leg day wanting to do a million exercises!

Leg Day #2 Routine:

day-2-legs One the second day of the week that I train legs I go heavier, with more compound lifts like squats and dead lifts. I used to be able to squat with 45lb plates and now I am starting with 25lbs to build myself back up. I lost some size in my glutes and calves so now I need to work my weight back up on the bar. I always focus on pushing through my heels and breathing in before dropping down and breathing out while pushing back up. I also make sure to wear flatter sneakers on leg day. I also always warm up doing the bike to get my knee joints moving and warmed up. Make sure to reach at least parallel when you squat down so you get the full range of motion. Keep your chest up and your back neutral, do not round your back.


What I take post workout to avoid soreness and aid in recovery
The most important thing after leg day that I do is make sure to drink my aminos! When you work out legs you are breaking down and tearing up your muscle fibers. The amino acids help to repair and rebuild the muscle and for me they help me be less sore the following day or two after a heavy leg day. I currently use the Natural Aminos by NutriForce Sport since again it is natural, no artificial colors or sweeteners. I just add this to water and sip it all day long. I use just one scoop and keep refilling my water bottle til it is clear again.
( click to buy or learn more)
IMG_3696.JPG My post-workout shake in the morning time:
Since I work out in the morning I like to make a protein shake to drink on the way to work. I go home after the gym, get ready for work, then make a shake. Lately I have been making mine using my brand new Breville blender which we got as a wedding gift and I love it for smoothies and protein drinks! ( click to learn more or buy). It makes protein shakes so good, even better than my Nutribullet does.
11355295_134929696838056_729921017_n In my shake I use NutriWhey by Nutriforce in the flavor called Belgian Chocolate, which is an all natural protein with no artificial sweeteners and has actual tiny chocolate bits in it! ( click here to buy or learn more). I also add 1 tbsp of D’s Natural Vanilla Maple Fluffbutter (link) OR I will add 2 tbsp of Just Good Stuff protein peanut butter powder. ( link)
If I want some fiber and sweetness I add some frozen organic strawberries, they make the shake extra cold like ice cubes and taste delicious. I aim to eat around 150 grams of protein per day so this shake helps me to reach my daily macros.

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