On an iced coffee and protein powder kick!

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Adding protein powder to iced coffee for a tasty high protein treat

In the last few weeks I have become slightly addicted to a new way to drink my protein shakes – adding protein powder to iced coffee! For awhile I had stopped drinking coffee as much, especially leading up to my wedding as I wanted to avoid caffeine and just remain really hydrated with lemon water (also super amazing for your complexion btw), but now that summer really is getting super hot around these parts I have been enjoying a large black iced coffee. I have tried to steer clear of getting coffee since most places don’t carry stevia and I refuse to use any of those fake, chemical sweeteners…but now that I have been adding whey protein to my iced coffee I don’t even need a sweetener or milk anymore! It is one simple and creative way to turn you coffee and protein shake into one thing on the ride to work, when you need a pick me up or just want to change up your daily protein drink.


In this above video I used NutriForce Sports NutriWhey protein in the flavor Cafe Cream – link to purchase or learn more HERE I am not picky – I like 711, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks iced coffee because I just get them all with a ton of ice and completely black; no milk, no sugar, nothing! I then like to take a scoop of protein powder, mix it in and I instantly have a sweetened drink with over 20 grams of protein in it! It is also a great trick to get more water consumed each day, because it tastes so good I just wind up drinking the entire thing so quickly! Some protein powders work better than others, and usually the ones with “coffee type” flavors work the best – like vanilla latte, dark chocolate or cafe cream. When I was recently traveling for a work conference I grabbed a few Protein Energy packets by Optimum Nutrition and these were great since the flavors were perfect to mix with iced coffee.

If you love coffee, especially iced coffee you might want to try this little trick. If you like a “Cafe Mocha” then make sure to use a chocolate flavored protein. If you like latte’s and cappuccinos then go with a vanilla flavor. Either way you can’t go wrong because you won’t be using the other sugars and milks from the coffee shop and you’ll be getting over 20 grams of protein in your cup!


Mix It Up to Fit Your Macros! Get that protein in everyday, no matter how you do it

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