Overhead Padded Medicine Ball Slams - Great Glute and Upper Body Exercise

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Turning your cardio and full body workouts up a notch


Padded medicine balls are a great piece of equipment not only in the gym but at home as well. They don’t take up a ton of space and with various weights you can really use these for a variety of exercises. The overhead padded medicine ball slam allows you to use various muscles as well as get your heart rate up for the cardio benefits. I love to do these either while super setting a set of goblet squats or plate weight front squats as a way to drive up my heart rate and substitute for a round of cardio on a treadmill. I use the 12lb medicine ball when I do this exercise and over time I will likely move up in weight as the weight begins to feel lighter. This is an explosive movement so you really get some great benefits for strength, endurance and cardiovascular. I also like to do these since the force of the movement is on the downward push which you don’t do much of in weight training. In weight training most of your movements are pushing upward, so this is working some muscles I don’t tend to focus on with other exercises.


Make sure when you do these you are somewhere that won’t offend people by the noise. As you slam the ball down, well you can imagine it makes a slamming sound. The point is you are push down the ball with force, not just letting it plop onto the floor and picking it up. In my gym I find a small corner to do these, and if you do these at home please make sure you don’t have neighbors downstairs who will come knocking on your door to complain or call your landlord.


For me I do 30 slams each set, rest for 1 minute and then repeat two more times. The total workout is 90 slams, and if you don’t like the odd number you can do 100. Trust me, by the 20 rep mark you should start to feel a bit winded and you will for sure feel the burn in your butt and your upper body…if you’re not then you are either doing too light of a ball weight or you aren’t doing the full range of the motion.

There’s no better time for me to work out than in the early morning before work. I love having the gym so empty that it gives me time to just really focus on what I’m doing and zone out. I always prefer to work out in the morning to start the day on the right foot, and it also gives me an idea of what I can and want to eat that day.

A quick video on the movement from start to finish

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