PMS Sucks - some tips to get you through that time of the month

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There is nothing that is more of a life buzz kill than getting your period. Let’s face it ladies, it’s the one time of the month that I don’t want to even be around myself. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in my 30’s now but the last few years I have the worst PMS ever and all I want to do is go home, throw on the comfiest sweats I own, curl up on my couch and wait for it to all be over. For some reason every time of the month that it comes I feel extremely weak, fatigued and dizzy. I thankfully don’t suffer from really bad cramps, but that could also be because I have always been (until recently) on a very low dose birth control that makes my periods almost non existent. When I was taking LoEstrin 24 I would get my period for not even a day. It would come and go so fast that anytime I visited a doctor and they asked when my last period was, I’d have to really sit and think about it. It was a great pill and it worked very well for me, but after having come off it I still suffer from terrible weakness, dizziness and overall just flu like symptoms. I feel really tired, so tired I will fall asleep sometimes while watching TV at 830pm. I believe they say that when your period is coming you lose a lot of iron so your body can feel this way, but it doesn’t make much sense considering my period is super light. I always know when it’s coming too, because I start to feel like I’m getting sick. I also feel super bloated and just never want to be in any tight clothes. Isn’t it just grand to be a woman?!

There are a few things that I do when that time of the month comes to make me feel a little better. I used to rely on taking Motrin or other menstrual pain relievers, but they never really felt like they helped so I don’t use those anymore.

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1. Increase your water intake, by a lot! Sip on hot water with lemon in the morning and drink water with lemon, mint and cucumber throughout the rest of the day. Increasing your water intake will help with retaining water (ironic, I know)

2. If you feel like you want to live in your sweats, well then who am I to say no. Wear what you feel most comfortable in because anytime I try to squeeze myself into clothes that don’t feel comfy I just sit and think about it all day and feel awful.

protein bars

3. If you feel weak or dizzy always have some type of sugary item with you like a protein bar or piece of dark chocolate. I know that there are times during my period when I am out running errands and I’ll just feel like my blood sugar plummets! I always make sure to have something on hand to put in my mouth and get feeling a bit better.

4. Take a hot bath. Whenever I feel like a PMS mess I take a hot bath and just sit and let myself soak. It removes my aches and pains and makes me feel relaxed and destressed. Sometimes I add a drop or two of argan oil and some lavendar essential oil for even more of a spa treat.

5. Refrain from eating foods or adding salt to your foods to prevent excess bloating. Reducing carbonated beverages is a good idea too, but refer back to tip #1 which explains adding more water to your diet.


6. go work it out. For me the best way to get rid of the terrible feelings of PMS is to go work out and workout hard. Like a really good, leave the gym sweating, workout.

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