Quick Dinner Recipe: high protein low fat chicken sausage with quinoa veggies

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Cooking with Chicken Sausage & Quinoa Vegetable Medley

Most of my dinner recipes always start with a lean meat for a high protein source. I don’t eat any kind of pork sausage, but occasionally i will use some chicken sausage in a dish to switch things up from my more traditional white meat dishes of chicken or turkey or fish. Tonight i wanted to make something quick since i was having a late night at work and was super hunger from having done a heavy lifting day in the morning. Chicken sausage is a great option since it cooks pretty quickly and has some great flavor. I used an entire package of chicken sausage which was about six full size links. I usually get the lean sausage since it is lower in fat. Chicken sausage is always a great alternative to regular pork due to its lower fat and calorie content. I sprayed a my skillet with some organic olive oil and let it get nice and hot before adding the links. Once it is a medium temperature add your links and then let them sit for about 3 minutes. Flip them over and let them sit for another 3 minutes. I like to them take a pair of kitchen scissors and cut the links up into tiny pieces. Not only does this help the meat to cook faster, but it also make it ready to eat when it is all done.


After the meat is basically all cooked I added some sliced baby carrots and peas that I had purchased in the grocery store. These came from a can with no salt added, not my favorite option but i did not have time to boil carrots and wait for them to get cooked and soft. I added this right into the skillet and let that simmer. While cooking I then boiled a bag of quinoa and added some chopped leaf spinach and some cubes of butternut squash. The colors of this medley were so beautiful and perfect for fall season. Once that was all done I was left with what you see below; a balanced dish of vegetables, fiber filled quinoa and a high protein dish! It tasted delicious and even my fiance went up for seconds. In total this took less than 20 minutes from start to finish and it was very filling and satisfying.


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