Quiz: The Right Engagement Ring for Your Style

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Quiz: The Right Engagement Ring for Your Style on LaurenConrad.com!

Picking out your engagement ring is a big decision. Not only is it likely to be the most valuable piece of jewelry in your entire collection, but you're also going to wear it every day for the rest of your life. It will be a symbol of the happiest day of your life, and it should always make you smile when you look at it. Sometimes it's a total surprise, but more often than not, it is a decision that both members of a couple play a part in. So, it's only smart to do your research ahead of time and know which kind of setting and stone will make up your dream ring.

Of course the first step in deciding on your dream ring is picking your jeweler. And when it comes to engagement ring retailers, there are so many reasons to love James Allen. James Allen is one of the biggest online retailers of engagement rings and diamonds. They have practically limitless options of settings and conflict-free diamonds, which allow you to design your absolute perfect ring. And because James Allen is online, their prices are 30 to 50 percent lower than what they tend to be in stores.

To help you determine which ring is right for you, we've partnered with James Allen to bring you a fun little quiz. We've always been fan of the quizzes in magazines, so we made one of our own! Answer the questions below, and then tally up your answers to see which of our five favorite James Allen rings best matches your personal style.

Here we go!

1. Your closet is mostly filled with...
A) Fashion-forward, feminine pieces. You stay on trend without getting too edgy.
B) Whatever strikes your fancy. You don't pigeonhole your personal style into a single category.
C) Tulle, lace, and vintage-inspired pieces.
D) Simple and versatile investment pieces. You're not one to buy a ton of fast fashion.
E) Lots of color and interesting textures.

2. What does ‘dinner and a movie' mean to you?
A) A reservation at the newest ‘It' restaurant and a film that is getting lots of Oscar buzz.
B) Foreign food followed by an indie film.
C) Dinner at the same spot you went on your first date and a trip to the silent movie theater.
D) Dinner at a go-to favorite restaurant and a romantic comedy.
E) Dinner anywhere with a lively atmosphere before seeing a hilarious comedy.

3. Your favorite social network is...
A) Pinterest
B) Instagram
C) Facebook
D) Twitter
E) Snapchat

4. Your favorite workout is...
A) SoulCycle. It's popular for a reason.
B) Anything outdoors like hiking or surfing.
C) Ballet or yoga. You prefer classic and elegant movement.
D) Running. You'll take a bankable, effective workout over the latest trendy class any day.
E) Zumba or anything else that feels fun and gives you a burst of energy.

5. How did you and your significant other meet?
A) Online. It's crazy how many of your friends are meeting people that way nowadays!
B) At the moment you were least expecting it. You always open yourself up to new experiences and people.
C) When you were in school. You're a hopeless romantic, and once you find a good thing you don't let go of it.
D) Through a mutual friend. You're a little old fashioned when it comes to those things.
E) At a party. You're a social butterfly, so it was bound to happen.

6. What best describes your current accessories situation?
A) Dainty and delicate pieces including midi rings and several studs on each lobe.
B) You love mixing and matching different pieces depending on your mood. Some of your current favorites include floppy hats, chokers, and long dangly earrings.
C) You have a few elegant pieces that you wear often, including a vintage piece passed down from your grandmother that you treasure.
D) A pair of diamond studs. You're a minimalist.
E) You're oftenwearing at least one bold statement piece, be it a necklace, cocktail ring or bracelet.

If you got...

James Allen round halo ring in gold and rose gold.

Mostly A's

Your engagement ring style is on trend and feminine, like this James Allen round halo ring in gold and rose gold. Your ring is fashion-forward yet delicate and dainty.

James Allen pear cut engagement ring.

Mostly B's

Your dream ring is a pear cut ring like this one from James Allen. You are unique, free-spirited, adventurous, and creative, and this unique cut reflects that.

Cushion cut diamond engagement ring

Mostly C's

Your ideal engagement ring includes a cushion cut stone like this beautiful rock from James Allen. It's an elegant, romantic, vintage-inspired choice.

James Allen round solitaire ring.

Mostly D's

This James Allen round solitaire ring is the one for you! It's a timeless choice that is classic for a reason. This stone's many facets will sparkle like no other cut.

James Allen emerald engagement ring with diamond halo.

Mostly E's

Your style is bold, fun, and colorful, making a colored gemstone the ideal choice for your dream ring. Flanked by diamonds, an emerald, sapphire, or ruby will sit pretty on your left ring finger.

The ultimate engagement ring quiz is on LaurenConrad.com today!

Did this quiz do a good job of predicting your ring style? Which one is your personal favorite?

Share your results in the comments section.

XO Team LC

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