Recipe for how to make healthy chicken quesadillas

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A healthy recipe for chicken quesadillas

One of my all time favorite things to order when I go to a diner or get diner food at the end of a long night out was always chicken quesadillas. The one thing that I always hated about them, was the wrap was always so soggy from all the grease and oil they were made in. Now I love to make these at home with all organic and natural ingredients and make them in a way that the wrap is so crispy and using no oil (the only oil used is a few sprays of organic extra virgin olive oil to put on the frying pan so the wrap doesn’t stick). These are so fast to make and they really fill you up as a meal.


When I make mine I use the following ingredients:

– thin sliced, all natural chicken breasts that have already been grilled using basil, parsley, sea salt and pepper with a bit of olive oil.

– chopped organic red bell peppers

– organic mild salsa, chunky preferred

– nature’s promise organic shredded low fat mozzarella cheese

– diced organic white onion

– nature’s promise whole wheat tortilla

– 1/2 diced avocado


I love to added 1/2 of an avocado diced up on the plate to scoop up and eat with the quesadilla. Avocado is such a healthy fat that I try to eat it as often as I can when I can fit in more fats into my daily macros. I buy them at Trader Joe’s and get a few that are already ripe or almost ripe and then use them with omolettes or with my quesadillas.


I put all of the ingredients stacked in the very center of the wrap. I put them on before I put the wrap into the skillet. I put the skillet on low to medium heat and spray with the extra virgin olive oil. Once I pile in all the ingredients it goes into the pan just like you see below. Laying flat until the cheese starts to melt and I can see the the wrap’s edges are starting to get crispy.


Once I start to see that happening I fold the wrap onto itself into a half moon shape like the below. I then let it sit for a bit longer to get all the ingredients inside melted and really cooked well. The wrap comes out very tasty and without all the grease. The inside contents all seem to stay inside and you won’t have a big mess of the contents falling out onto your plate (or worse, your lap!)

IMG_3917.JPG And that’s the recipe. I love that it only takes about 10 minutes total to prep and make. These I love making on the weekend for a quick lunch that will fill me up. I hope you make them and enjoy!

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