Remembering to take your vitamins and supplements

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I am a big believer and advocate for taking vitamins and supplements daily as part of my routine, but when I have conversations with family or friends about their health many of them tell me “I would take vitamins but I can never remember to take them.” I know that it takes some time to get into a habit of taking your daily dose, but for me it is just one thing I have never had a problem remembering to do. It is a concrete part of my morning routine, just like brushing my teeth or washing my face. When I was younger I would take vitamins or diet pills (yes I took lots of those which is just one thing I don’t do anymore but I have tried almost every single one known to man), but I never really took them with any real consistency. I would get really into doing it for a few weeks, then fall off and just forget. Now I make sure that it is part of my diet just like food and other supplements.


So what are some tips to remember and stick to your vitamin and supplement routine?

  1. get a pill case – I use one that is large enough to hold all of my vitamins and supplements, including any chews or gummies which can take up a lot of room. Having your day to day routine laid out for the entire week takes the choir out of taking out all of the bottles every morning. I do this every Sunday afternoon so that the entire week’s worth is ready to go
  2. evaluate which vitamins you want to and need to take and then decide what form will make you stick to taking them daily. For example; I take a lot of vitamins and supplements and if I took them all in pill form I would likely never get them all done – so I take a few of them in chew or gummy form. This helps to switch things up and make it easier to get these all down.
  3. Put your pill case in a place you see everyday before you leave for work. I have my pill case on my kitchen counter right next to my cappuccino machine which I use every morning. This is a visual reminder just seeing my pill case so I never forget.
  4. Take a multivitamin that won’t be hard to get down. I take the Alive! Women’s Gummy Multivitamin which has everything I need and some fruits and vegetables in it as well. Multivitamins seem to always been quite large in size if they are a pill or capsule so swapping for a gummy makes a big difference.
  5. Get a plastic container from somewhere like the Container Store or on Amazon that has a lid and can fit in your cabinet in the kitchen. I store all of mine in one of these like you see below and it makes it very easy to pull in and out every weekend to refill my pill case.

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