Review of Polar FT7 heart rate monitor watch - great for weight trainers to monitor calories burned

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I recently bought myself the Polar FT7 on Amazon and wanted to share with you why I love this heart rate monitor the most out of all the fitness trackers out there. I used to have the Polar F4 watch, but after a few months of use it stopped working for me. I sold it on Ebay and waiting at least six months to purchase this one. I realized the reason the old one probably didn’t work is because I wasn’t properly washing the chest strap in order to keep the sensors from not working. I lift weights and do very little cardio so the Polar watch is the only way for me to know how many calories I am burning while I am weight training. If you do mostly weight lifting many of the other trackers are not going to be good for you. Trackers like Fitbits and Mio only tracker your activity based on steps taken or sleep, but they don’t monitor your heart rate so you don’t know how many calories you burn when you do something like weight lifting. You aren’t really taking steps, but you sure are burning calories so your best tracker to get is a Polar watch.

I decided to get the next level watch this time and went for the Polar FT7: It monitors your heart rate with the use of the watch and a sensor chest strap. You must use both items for this to work. The chest strap will detect your heart rate during your work out and tell the watch your beats per minute. This then helps the watch to calculate the number of calories you burn during a training session. I put the strap on tightly right underneath my sports bra and then you press the middle button on the right to let the watch pick up your heart rate.

The price of this watch is around $85-90 on amazon: click here


This watch helps you to know when you are in your target heart rate range to burn calories. It helps while you are working out to know that you are in the zone you need to be in or if you need to pick it up a notch. Today for example during a leg day workout and 20 minutes on the treadmill I burned 600 calories, the Polar was able to calculate this and then I could plug it into which is what I use to log my calories burned and food I eat. I highly recommend this watch if you are into weight lifting and trying to monitor your calories. Plus I love that this one is black and lilac, the same color as my Beats by Dre solo headphones which I use during training too.

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