Satin Strands 22″ Hair Extensions by Sally Beauty Supply - review

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My Review of Satin Strands Hair Extensions from Sally Beauty Supply


Normally I always buy my weft packs of human hair extensions at a local wig supply and hair supply store that I have gone to for years. Unfortunately the last few weeks I have not had any free time to go there and I was in a pinch. I recently had my hair done darker to cover all of my summer ombre and highlighting – so I wanted to go ahead and make a new set of my own human clip in hair extensions. The closest place I could think to go was a Sally Beauty Supply store since I knew that it would be open on a Sunday ( not many shops are open on Sunday around my way ). After looking at quite a few packs of hair and options for hair extensions I found a pack of Satin Strands 22″ human hair extensions in the color Rio Nights. This was one pack of a single weft of hair; no clips, just a weft of hair. The packaging did not tell me how many grams in weight this would be , that made me a bit nervous. There is nothing worse than getting home and finding that the hair is thin and not heavy enough. The price for one pack was $145, yes it was that expensive! This is just hair on a weft, not clips! I figured “okay these must be superior quality hair!” but boy was I wrong. I have to say that I left telling myself, “Adrienne, maybe you should just return these now. What if you don’t like them and now you spent all that money when you could of just bought them online already made?!” I should of listened to myself.


I got home and as soon as I pulled them out of the bag I could notice that this would not be enough hair for me. It felt light and thicker at the top near the wefting and thinner as you got to the bottom. I ran my hands through the hair and that is when the non-stop shedding began! Each time I separated the hair to cut to make clips more and more hair kept coming out. For a $145 pack of hair this should NOT be happening! All my money I spent was literally going down the drain. I have to say beware of buying this hair brand. I tried to contact customer support but have not heard back. I have also tried to tweet to the brand but Satin Strands does not have its own Twitter handle. I hope that Sally does respond to see if they can refund or give a credit for these. To be honest, I have no desire to even turn these into clips and use them. They seem thin and poor quality. I figured I would share my opinion so that others who are looking for hair extensions online know to avoid these. As someone who has used extensions for over 10 years I can assure you this is not the quality you should expect for that much money.


Here is the hair that went into my sink as I kept trying to section out the weft of hair. This is excessive and not acceptable for a pack of hair that cost as much as these did.


This is the packaging for the pack of hair that I bought by Satin Strands.


This was the amount of hair that was left when I cut the hair into sections to attach clips. As you can see, I expected thicker section and more hair. You can also see how thin they hair is at the bottom, almost broken looking. I know a lot of girls on Youtube say they like this hair, but to be honest I am not sure how. I highly recommend going with a different brand as this was a super big waste of my time and money. Not to mention that for that price they should already be made into clips. Even though I prefer to make my own hair, sometimes it takes a long time to turn a weft of hair into clip ins. I could of saved myself a lot of time and money if I just skipped this whole shopping trip and went with Bellami or local hair supply store.

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