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Simple Tips to Beat Dry Winter Skin

When winter weather rolls in, lots of us are surprised to note the arrival of dry skin as well. Even people with normal to oily skin can suffer from the flaking, cracking, peeling, itching, redness or sore spots that are the classic symptoms of dry skin. The culprit? Plunging temps and a lack of humidity both indoors and out.

So what can you do about it? Well, feeling sad and eating ice cream isn't the solution (although it works for many other problems). Instead, try the 10 tips listed in this awesome infographic from

Start by keeping up your regular sun block routine, since UV rays are nearly as damaging in the winter as at the height of summer. Pair that with gloves for chilly outings, and switch up your moisturizer from a lighter water-based one to a heavier oil-based formula, which will protect your skin's natural oils.

Indoors, avoid long hot showers and cranked thermostats, which sap the moisture from the air and from your skin. Ditto harsh soaps, which make your skin redder and more irritated. Instead, avoid using soaps at all unless you have to.

Also remember to moisturize hands, face and body after every wash, and exfoliate once a week. If these tips don't help, it might be time to see a dermatologist.

Simple Tips to Beat Dry Winter Skin – Guest Post by


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