Six:02 #dontsweatyourpants Women’s Fitness Retailer Review

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Six:02 Women’s Fitness Apparel Store & Website #dontsweatyourpants


I always love being introduced to new retailers or brands that inspire women with their health and fitness. I had been reached out to by the company called Six:02, a women’s fitness retailer that has a great website to order from, as well as stores you can visit. I have actually purchased at this store before at their Willowbrook Mall location in Wayne, New Jersey. Most people from north Jersey know this mall very well and when this store opened I was very excited to visit it. It is located upstairs in the mall and is super female friendly. It is a modern, fresh and fun store for those of us ladies who love fitness. They have a wide selection of workout sneakers as well as a ton of apparel. I purchased a pair of Nike’s there before and received really great service. It is a very non-intimidating retail store, very open and inviting. I am not sure how many locations they have but hopefully they open one near you so you can go in and experience it for yourself.


Their website has a ton of products for sale for working out and when I got home from the gym today, I had a package from their team waiting for me. I received the below products for free in exchange for an open and honest review. I always love to test out new products to share with my readers. Since I have already shopped with Six:02 before I can tell you first hand that the customer service is great, the prices are similar to what you would find at a Sports Authority but this is just for women. They sent me a package with the hashtag #dontsweatyourpants on it, which is great campaign they are currently running. If you bring in your gently used workout pants to a Six:02 store, the store will then donate the pants to Goodwill and then you get $10 off a new pair of Under Armour workout pants. I think this is an awesome campaign for you, for Goodwill and for Under Armour. Instead of throwing out pants you no longer wear, bring them in to donate and everyone wins!

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They sent me an awesome black Under Armour workout tank which I am excited to wear this week to the gym to train, a bright purple (one of my favorite colors) sweatband/headband which I like to wear on days I know I am going to sweat a lot to keep my hair out of my face, a voucher to come in and get a free pair of workout pants and a cool gym bag/canvas tote. I love when brands do something to give back to their communities like this and the fact that it is tied to health and wellness is even better!


What’s in the name Six:02?

To learn more about Six:02, to see if there is a store near you, or to order some great fitness gear youo can visit their website today for more details:

Thanks again to their team for sending me some great stuff, I will be sure to share my experience when I take my voucher into their store for some new workout pants!

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