Soup Sunday - Organic Slow Cooker Chicken Soup Recipe

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I had received this Cuisinart Slow Cooker for my bridal shower and I have to say it might be one of the best things I have ever received! I have been getting so much use out of it for making pulled chicken to chili to soup. On Sundays me and my husband usually relax and enjoy a day of football and feasting and with the weather getting chilly soup is one of my favorite things to make on Sundays. I make a different soup each weekend and each time I have used my slow cooker to do it. I can put everything in it in the morning and it will be done and ready to enjoy by early afternoon, if not sooner. Today it was all about the organic chicken and vegetable soup.


To make this soup I use:

1 container of organic vegetable broth which I get from Trader Joe’s or Stop & Shop

1 container onion, celery and carrots from Trader Joe’s

1 bag of organic vegetables from Trader Joe’s

1 full / whole organic chicken without the giblets from Trader Joe’s

Sea salt, pepper and poultry seasonings


I set the slow cooker to 5 hour on high and spray the pot with coconut oil spray. I then place the entire chicken in the pot once I have a washed it with cold water. Then I add the broth and vegetables and cover the lid. By hour 3 the chicken is usually cooked enough to fall right off the bone so I remove it and then de-skin and remove all the meat and throw out the bones. I then transfer all of the chicken back into the pot to continue cooking.


I make a ton of soup and whatever we don’t eat we freeze or use as part of our meals for the week. I can take a small container to work and heat it up and it will fill me up. We leave this on low for a few hours and wind up having to refill our bowls because it is just that good!

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