Super Bowl Snack and Food Ideas - Recipes for the Big Game

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Some Super Bowl Snack Ideas for Football Game Fun


There is nothing better than Sunday Football; gathering around some good food, cheering at the television, sitting by the fire place and enjoying some time with friends and family. For the Super Bowl we got together with about 20 people and there was lots of food to be had and also some of our usual Sunday traditions. There was of course some poker for the guys to play, the ladies we enjoyed making some fun cocktails, my dog had a blast playing with everyone and the game didn’t disappoint. While the commercials were lack luster, and the game was pretty boring until the last quarter, it was a great time! We whipped up tons of food and snacks to pick on throughout the day including some great appetizers. I wanted to share some of what we did on Super Bowl and took some photos to document the day.


My little Yorkie, Lola, loves when we have guests over and she can play “fetch” for hours. She’s pint sized but has the biggest heart and had so much fun with everyone who came by.


Sunday is usually Poker Night for the guys, but since the game was on later in the afternoon/early evening they got a game in before kick off.


A nice, hot pot roast was in the oven cooking while everyone was making their way over to the house. It pays to have a slicer machine in your family so that you can carve up meat for appetizer platters or for making roast beef sandwiches.

_MG_0007 _MG_0011 Everyone seemed to enjoy making a hot roast beef sandwich during half time, complete with some brown gravy and fresh bread from the local bakery where pastries were purchased.


A new snack time favorite is this cracker and pretzel dish. The log in the middle is made of goat cheese and vanilla flavoring with fresh berries on the outside. I got this at Trader Joe’s and it was a hit! You can carve at the goat cheese log with the crackers or the pretzels and you get a hint of salty and sweet in one bite.


There’s nothing I love more than fresh cut vegetables to make a veggie platter and some home made guacamole. For my guacamole recipe I use avocados, red bell peppers, salt, lime, diced onions and some fat free feta cheese (all from Trader Joe’s). Everyone loves eating this on football game days. I like to put out vegetables with this as well as some chips or crackers for dipping.


For cocktails, I posted this recipe on my Instagram page ( It is my favorite adult beverage because it tastes just like a Creamsicle! You mix Three Olives Whipped Cream flavored vodka, club soda, ice and orange juice. It tastes absolutely delicious and you don’t really taste the alcohol; which is good and bad lol.


We also made some home made wings for the game. Usually we buy a large bag of these from Costco or Restaurant Depot and we made two large trays that went pretty quickly.

_MG_9976 _MG_9977

For snacks we had a huge spread. Now for me I don’t really eat or buy chips, but when you are hosting a game day you need to have a variety because not everyone is on a diet or cares to eat carrots sticks all day, lol. So we had a variety of snacks like chips with low fat sour cream dip, vegetable and flax seed tortilla chips with peach mango salsa, some veggie dips and pretzels to munch on.


Of course Miss Lola was on hand to pick up any items that happen to fall from the table. Always be careful to not let your dog eat garlic, onions or chocolate – they are toxic for dogs so when you have guests over make sure to avoid these ingredients or at least make sure you keep an eye on any items that fall to the floor with these. You don’t want your pet to get sick eating any of those.

_MG_9981 _MG_9984

My fiance and our little Lola, she loves attention and sure got a ton of it on Sunday!


The snow storm made for a great outdoor “cooler” just put your drinks or beers in the snow mound and you’ll have your drinks nice and cold in time for the game!

_MG_9990 _MG_9991 A few more photos of my little girl enjoying the Super Bowl.


Some more pretty photos of the various dishes being made in the kitchen; here is the pot roast my future Mother in Law had cooking for the future roast beef sandwiches.

_MG_9996 Overall it was a success and everyone had a great time. I of course made sure to hit the gym early today to work off all the guac, chips and food I ate. We did have a ton of pastries as well, but I skipped those. I do have some will power after all

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