8 High Protein Foods To Add To Your Diet and Meal Prepping

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When it comes to reaching your daily macros (macronutrients) it’s important to identify high protein foods that are clean, healthy and high in protein but not high in calories. The word “protein” is being added to tons of marketing materials and onto boxes that really don’t have a lot of protein grams, but because it’s a “buzz” word to big CPG brands it’s important to beware and know some of the best protein sources out there for your diet and meal ...

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My favorite current protein bars - high in protein, fiber and low in fat and sugars

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I have tried dozens of protein bars and many of them fall short of expectations if they are high in calories and low in protein. I don’t want a protein bar that only has 6 grams of protein. That means I will be hungry pretty soon and that means there is little to no fiber. It is likely just a glorified candy bar. My two favorite protein bars are Quest Nutrition Bars and Oh Yeah! Nutrition Victory Bars.

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