My easy recipe for delicious homemade chicken parmigiana

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Nothing says Sunday dinner like a fresh batch of chicken parm (you taste so good!)

IMG_2993-0.JPG When people think of Sunday dinner, at least in my family, they think of pasta, bread, chicken parm or some other cheesy delicious dish. I grew up eating this way every Sunday, just something my family has always done. Yes I am half Italian so there was always lots of food and pasta to be had. Now as an adult I don’t eat pas ...

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meal prep : tuna and avocado lunch with brown rice cakes recipe

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Tuna fish is a very high protein, low fat and low carb seafood to start adding to your weekly meal prep routine. It is very easy to make and keeps me very full while offering some great macros and nutrients. Tonight during my meal prepping I made two containers to use for two lunches this week. I always buy the larger cans of tuna fish since I use 1/2 of the larger ones for each lunch container. It helps to save space in the fridge by buying the larger cans and also saves me time opening up a bun ...

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