How to make drinking more water fun with fruit

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For many people drinking a gallon of water a day is a chore! Water on it’s own doesn’t appeal to many palettes and I for one need something to add to mine in order to keep chugging it all day long. Whether it’s having a Blender Bottle like this with my at my desk in my office at work, having one with me on the go in my car holder or taking it with me to workout – I always find a way to make drinkings lots of water a priori ...

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How to enjoy drinking water - fruit infused and delicious!

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Want to know an easy way to increase your consumption of water daily? Add fruit, citrus and mint! I love to infuse my water with these things and it also makes it look beautiful too!

I bought these adorable handled mason jars at Target and I believe you can find them for cheap at Walmart also. These are glass, not plastic, which I highly recommend. The glass can help to keep your drink cold longer and ...

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