8 High Protein Foods To Add To Your Diet and Meal Prepping

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When it comes to reaching your daily macros (macronutrients) it’s important to identify high protein foods that are clean, healthy and high in protein but not high in calories. The word “protein” is being added to tons of marketing materials and onto boxes that really don’t have a lot of protein grams, but because it’s a “buzz” word to big CPG brands it’s important to beware and know some of the best protein sources out there for your diet and meal ...

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Everything you need to know about calculating your macros, calories and meal plans

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How to calculate macros, how many calories to eat and meal plan ideas


My all time favorite book related to women & lifting: NROLFW “The New Rules of Lifting for Women” – click here

Since creating my blog I have seen many women start various workout programs listed on my site, and that is exactly the goal! I’ve seen many women commenting and sharing their stor ...

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