Recipe: High Protein Ground Turkey Stuffed Green Peppers

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A quick and easy recipe for ground turkey stuffed green peppers

_MG_8990If you’re looking for a great high protein appetizers or meal prep snack you may just want to head to your grocery store to stock up on items to make this tasty and delicious recipe. I love making chili but sometimes you get bored of just putting it in a bowl or cup – that’s when you make your own containers with vegetables like red bell peppers or g ...

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This week’s Meal Prep Menu: lean turkey meatballs and chicken sausage bake

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This week’s meal prep ideas were born about from football and cold weather. There is nothing I like more than things you can bake in the hot oven while you watch your favorite teams play some Sunday football. Since I had just gone food shopping I had lots of lean, healthy meats and fix ins and wanted to make something different for a change. Instead of my usual meal prep I wanted to try making a chicken sausage bake with lots o ...

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