Coffee with a Canine Interview with Adrienne & Lola

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A few months ago the writer of the blog Coffee with a Canine reached out to do a write up/interview of myself and my 3 1/2 year old Yorkie, Lola. It was a great opportunity to share my pup with the world because to me she truly is my baby, my child and my best little buddy. If you have a minute and want to learn a bit more about my darling Lola just click on the article below:


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How to Prevent and Help Separation Anxiety with Puppies

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For those of you who have fur babies, this is like preaching to the choir. I am so attached to this little girl that being away from her makes me sad too. I know she will be okay, I know she has what she needs but to her, I am her mom and I am not there and she gets anxious. I honestly cannot wait to get home, walk in the door and yell out to her and see ...

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