Coffee with a Canine Interview with Adrienne & Lola

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A few months ago the writer of the blog Coffee with a Canine reached out to do a write up/interview of myself and my 3 1/2 year old Yorkie, Lola. It was a great opportunity to share my pup with the world because to me she truly is my baby, my child and my best little buddy. If you have a minute and want to learn a bit more about my darling Lola just click on the article below:


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Holiday Pet Photo Session - Some tips for getting your dog to pose for photos

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Happy Holidays from our Little Family to Yours!

Tiny Prints Cyber Monday

While we don’t yet have children, we treat our dog like she is our child anyway. She is beloved by everyone in our family and brings so much love and joy to our lives. She is also a pretty good model and will allow me to do photos of her and entertains my enjoyment of it. Here are a few photos of my 3 year old Yorkie, Lola, posing for her yearly ...

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Healthy Pet Snacks: Hills Ideal Balance Breakfast Medleys Klout Perk

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Now even pooches can enjoy being part of the #BreakfastClub


Enjoy breakfast anytime with Hill's® Ideal Balance® #HillsIdealBalance #BreakfastClubHealthy

Pet Snacks: Hills Ideal Balance Breakfast Medleys

A big thank you to the folks over at Klout for selecting me and my Yorkie Lola to test out some new products from Hills Ideal B ...

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Best Halloween Costumes For Your Dogs or Pets 2014

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Howl-o-ween Costumes for your Pet

I don’t know what it is about Halloween but it brings out the kid in all of us. Our poor little fur babies always wind up getting put in some crazy get ups to dress up for the holiday. I have to say that I have yet to have success putting my Yorkie in any kind of Halloween costume, but I always love to see pictures of pooches all decked up for Halloween. Here are some links you can use to find some great costumes for your pu ...

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What to do when your yorkie keeps scratching and won’t stop - allergies

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Heading to the vet is never fun for dogs, but sometimes it is necessary to get to the bottom of any issues.

Last week I noticed my Yorkie was scratching herself more than usual. Most dogs have the occasional issue with dry skin, especially a week or two after going to the groomers – but this time it was different. She wouldn’t stop scratching at her belly and the sides of her ...

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Hot Weather Tips for Your Dog’s Health and Well-being

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When the weather gets hot, it’s time to stay cool


Miss Lola after a cool bath and a nice trim

Tip #2: Always have fresh, cold, clean water nearby. Even if your dog had a lot to drink before you left the house always carry a cold bottle with you and a bowl or paper dish to pour some into as you walk. Your dog will not alert you that they ...

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Beware of Petsmart Grooming - review of my awful experience injuring my dog

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Petsmart – Every Dog Owners Worst Nightmare

This is my personal and awful experience with the company Petsmart and their grooming salon. Let me first say that before I decided to post this I took every possible road to have this company fix this issue. I am a firm believer in allowing a company to fix their wrongs if they make an error or I have a poor experience. There are companies out there who will recognize their wrong doing and make it right. Those will greatly ...

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PetPlan USA Why Should I Get Pet Insurance - Best Pet Insurance

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Pet Insurance – How to find the right one for you and my story…

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Lots of people know that insurance for humans is a no-brainer. The amount of money we would wind up paying out of pocket for every flu, bump or bruise or bone break would kill the bank. It boggles my mind how pet owners donR ...

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Patrick’s Law is Passed in New Jersey to Raise Animal Cruelty Penalties

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The thought of anyone doing harm to any animal just makes my blood boil and heart sink to the floor. When I read about these awful stories it makes me disgusted with how humans treat animals – like they are live stock or something they “own” so they have the right to do whatever they want with them. In New Jersey a unanimous voted passed Patrick’s Law, which was named after a dog who nearly died from starvation and neglect. That wasn’t the worst of it, he was then th ...

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Lola Love 4

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It’s time for my new installment of photos of miss Lola. She is quite popular on my instagram and is such a ham. This past week I had my wisdom teeth removed and she was so loving and cuddly since I am sure she could sense I was not feeling well. Dogs have a keen sense of when humans are sick, sad or not feeling well. She was a great buddy to spend the time at home with.

Enjoy :)

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