The best primers and foundation for photographs

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I recently have been buying more makeup products since I have decided to do my own makeup for my wedding day. As someone who does photography and also someone who has had my photo taken for shoots occasionally, I understand what kind of makeup works best for flash photography. I also want to make sure that the primers I use on my skin on my wedding day will offer really good staying power for my face makeup. As I have been doing my makeup trials I have realized I would prefer to do my own makeup ...

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Holiday Pet Photo Session - Some tips for getting your dog to pose for photos

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Happy Holidays from our Little Family to Yours!

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While we don’t yet have children, we treat our dog like she is our child anyway. She is beloved by everyone in our family and brings so much love and joy to our lives. She is also a pretty good model and will allow me to do photos of her and entertains my enjoyment of it. Here are a few photos of my 3 year old Yorkie, Lola, posing for her yearly ...

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How to throw a beautiful at work surprise bridal shower for your co-workers

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Tips to throwing an office bridal shower

Gathering the females in your office at work together to celebrate the upcoming wedding of a co-worker is a lot of fun to plan and also a great way to bond with those you work with. We recently hosted a surprise bridal shower for a co-worker and she was so surprised and it was a nice way to let her know that her work friends care ...

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The best lighting setup for photographing products in small spaces

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How to set up a basic photo studio in a small space to take great photos of products and small objects.

I have been doing photography for the last few years, and recently much of it has been product shots and photo set ups as you will see below. The challenge has always been that I have very little space in my office and I have white walls, fluorescent overhead lights and windows (ahhh, a lighting nightmare!) It’s challenging to get rid of shadows and get the best l ...

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Photography - Skateboarding Head Shots with Teddy

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Photography – Skater Head Shots

When my friend Teddy asked me to take a few head shots for him to update his portfolio I said lets bring out your personality – he brought his skate board along. This was a great prop to have to take some interesting shots. I loved using the tunnel some great lighting ideas and got him some fun images to use for his book. These were shot at West Hudson Park in Kearny, NJ.

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Photography - Shot of Central Park in the Winter Time

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Central Park in the Winter Time – Photography

Central Park is a staple tourist attraction in New York City and one day I took my camera with me there to capture some images. It was the perfect time to go since it was very quiet and not as busy as the summer months. I loved capturing lots of black and white shots and abstract images.

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Photography - A Trip North To British Columbia, Canada

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Canada Caught on Camera – My Photography

A few years ago when I was working in the music industry I did many events for our mobile application. Some of my partners were Blackberry, Apple and Google since our app was on these platforms. I would do a lot of trips to represent our brand with Blackberry who is based in Canada. They had invited me to a Blackberry summit in Victoria, British Columbia which is in Canada. I had never been to Canada before, le ...

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